Slingo’s Guide to Casino Self-Exclusion

Casino Self-Exclusion Guide
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In a nutshell, casino-self exclusion is when you voluntarily ban yourself from gambling. Once self-exclusion is requested, the casino will effectively block your account and you will be unable to gamble or deposit money.

Self-exclusion can be a helpful tool if you are struggling to stay in control of your gambling, and it’s important for all of our players to understand how it works.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about casino exclusion, including what it is, when you should use it and more.

What Is Casino Self-Exclusion?

Casino self-exclusion is a tool that players can use to restrict their access to gambling. It is offered by most physical casinos as well as online ones, and players who request self-exclusion are no longer able to deposit money, collect winnings, recover losses or accept anything of value from the casino.

Self-exclusion has to be requested by the individual themselves. Once self-exclusion is activated you will be unable to end it before six months have passed. 

At some casinos the self-exclusion will remain active forever unless you proactively request to end it, and at others you may find that you can opt to self-exclude for up to five years.

How Does Self-Exclusion Work?

Self-exclusion can be requested by players to stop them gambling at specific casinos. Self-exclusion can only be requested by the individual themselves – family or friends are unable to request it on their behalf.

You can choose to self-exclude from one specific casino, or from multiple casinos at the same time. It’s important to note that by self-excluding from one casino, you may also exclude yourself from any other casinos that are on the same licence (e.g., sister sites). 

To request self-exclusion, contact the casino’s support team or look for its Responsible Gambling page for more information.

Once the self-exclusion is active, you will be unable to make deposits or gamble. You will also be removed from any marketing lists, meaning you will no longer receive promotional messages from the casino.

How Can Self-Exclusion Help?

If you’re worried that your gambling has become a problem, self-exclusion can help you to regain control. By banning yourself from depositing money or gambling, you are effectively removing the temptation. 

Self-exclusion can help you to regain more balance in your life, and more control of your finances. It can give you the time and space you need to seek help and focus on other areas of your life that aren’t related to gambling.

When to Self-Exclude

It can be difficult for individuals to recognise when it might be time to consider self-exclusion. Here are a few warning signs to look out for:

  • You don’t find gambling fun any more
  • Gambling is affecting your relationships with family and friends
  • You find it difficult or impossible to stop gambling
  • Gambling is causing financial or even health problems
  • You feel like gambling is taking over your life
  • You’re only interested in winning back losses
  • You feel like you need to take an extended break from gambling

Play Responsibly at

Here at Slingo we want all our players to gamble responsibly and stay safe. We have a range of safe gambling tools to help you remain in control, including self-exclusion tools. Click here to find out more about responsible gaming at Slingo.


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