The Slingo List of Iconic Duos

The Slingo List of Iconic Duos
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Some Things Are Just Better Together

Some things are just made for each other – think fish and chips, Posh and Becks, slots and bingo… the list goes on! In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the most iconic duos we can think of. Read on to see if we’ve mentioned your favourite!

Fish and Chips

Can you name a more famous (and delicious) British duo? No, we didn’t think so! At Slingo we think there’s nothing better than enjoying a tasty portion of fish and chips by the sea front – just make sure those pesky seagulls don’t make off with your chips!

Fork and Knife

Try using a knife to eat your dinner and chances are you won’t have much luck! However, bring in the trusty fork and you’ve got a power couple that will aid you in your culinary adventures. Sometimes the spoon tries to join in too, but we all know it’s all about the fork and knife duo…

Posh and Becks

A pop-star-turned-fashion-designer and a legendary footballer? Could there be a more glamorous duo? We’ve been big fans of Posh and Becks ever since their romance began (and we loved their matching outfits, too!). And with a brood of junior Beckhams to follow on in their parents’ footsteps, this famous family is here to stay.

Cereal and Milk

Unless you’re a fan of dry cereal (and we know there are some of you out there!) you’ll agree that this combo is an essential part of a tasty breakfast. Whether you’re a consumer of cornflakes or mad for muesli, a healthy serving of milk is essential for an energy-boosting breakfast - or for a late-night cereal snack!

Gin and Tonic

Our Friday nights just wouldn’t be the same without this perfect pair! We love nothing better than a refreshing G&T to wind down at the weekend, and with so many delicious flavours and combinations, it can be hard to pick a favourite! Just make sure you don’t have one too many, mind…

Ant and Dec

Whether you love them or hate them (we happen to love them!), this comedy duo is an icon of British TV. From Saturday Night Takeaway to I’m a Celeb, these cheeky Geordies always keep us entertained with their witty banter and energetic style.

Cheese and Wine

This has to be one of our favourite collabs ever - we can’t decide whether we prefer the cheese or the wine! Luckily we don’t have to choose, since they go so well together. Whether you’re crazy for Cheddar or more of a Brie fan, a nice glass of red to wash it down is the perfect treat.

Bread and Butter

Can you tell we’re hungry?! The power of this classic pairing shouldn’t be underestimated, and it’s one of our favourite speedy snacks. Brown or white bread, salted or unsalted butter - it doesn’t matter! This British staple will satisfy your hunger in no time.

Bacon and Eggs

Mmm… we can almost smell the bacon now! This delicious combo forms an essential part of our Sunday morning fry-ups. Whether you like your eggs poached, fried or scrambled, they’re sure to make the perfect companion for a few tasty rashers of bacon.

Sweet and Salty

Gone are the days when you had to choose between sweet or salty popcorn! Have the best of both worlds with sweet and salty popcorn, the perfect snack to accompany a trip to the cinema - or even just a movie at home on the sofa. Just try not to spill it everywhere, will you…

Slots and Bingo

What do you get when you combine slots and bingo? Slingo, of course! We’ve saved our favourite until last because nothing beats an exciting game of Slingo. We’ve combined a bingo-card-style grid with reels that spin underneath it to create a simple, fun online game with real cash prizes! And with variations like Slingo Bells and Slingo Sweet Bonanza, there really is something to suit all tastes at

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