Bingo World Records

Bingo World Records
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The Most Incredible Bingo World Records Ever Recorded 

Bingo is one of the casino games that is designed for people who like to have a good time. Unlike serious and high-stakes games such as Poker or Roulette, Bingo has mass appeal due to its low entry costs, simple and social gameplay, and of course the excitement of nearing a bingo or full house. While Bingo of course is tons of fun, it can actually also be very lucrative, as some of the world records we’ll be talking about prove. Bingo also gives providers the chance to get really wacky and challenge records, so, if you want to know how and why meter-tall inflatable bingo balls were used, or how a game with nearly half a million people in it occurred, then keep on reading as we run through the craziest Bingo World Records.

The world’s largest bingo card

In 2014, the first largest bingo card record was recorded, and for a really good cause too. They collaborated with a group of television celebrities to produce the world's largest bingo card, measuring over 5 meters in height and nearly 2 meters in width. They had a great time with it and had a lot of fun with it, as you could imagine with a card of such epic proportions. They not only helped generate money for charity (about £6,000 for the Royal Voluntary Service), but they also broke the record for the game's largest card.

In 2017, a competitor sought to steal their crown by creating a card that measured 4m x 4m.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the card was clearly larger, it was utilized in a 75-ball game rather than a 90-ball game. As a result, the original 5m x 2m card retains its title in that category.

Gila River Hotels and Casinos set the record for the largest 75-ball game with a 6m × 6m card in 2019; we don’t want to know how big the bingo dabbers were for this record breaker, or how heavy they were to lift for that matter!

The largest online bingo game

What was the largest online bingo game ever held? You may be thinking a few thousand, maybe 10,000, certainly no more than 50,000, right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong as Coca-Cola Japan organized a special online game in Tokyo all the way back in 2010 to break this incredible record. A total of 493 824 Coca-Cola Park members participated in a single game of online bingo, making it the largest online game of its kind to this day; now that’s a party we really wish we’d been part of, and we’re not surprised this jaw-dropping world record hasn’t been broken since!

The world’s biggest bingo balls

Of course, it wouldn’t be a game of Bingo without the balls, but what's the record for the largest bingo balls used in a game? The three casinos vying for the title of the world's largest card also battled for the title of the world's largest bingo balls. With game balls measuring 75cm x 70cm (much larger than their competitor's 60.1cm balls), Sun Bingo surpassed Gala Bingo's previous record and won the UK crown. The Gila River Hotels and Casinos won the global title in 2019 after playing a game with huge inflatable balls that each stood over a meter tall. It's safe to say there's no chance of misreading the numbers on balls that big!

The quickest online bingo jackpot win

You may think you need to play bingo day in and day out in order to land any meaningful wins, but that isn’t the case as this insanely speedy record proves. The Quickest online bingo jackpot win was scored by one very lucky player, Darryl Howe. Darryl created his first online player profile and was £18 000 richer after winning a large jackpot just 40 minutes later…we’d certainly like to earn that hourly rate! It just goes to show that you don't have to play bingo all that often and even for all that long to land a nice win, and that even dipping your toe in the proverbial water may just pay out nicely.

The largest jackpot payout in a non-pooled online slot machine game

The largest jackpot payout in a non-pooled online slot machine game was achieved In 2012, when a 40-year-old player in Finland was enjoying an online Arabian Nights slot game, when he won the greatest jackpot payout in a non-pooled online slot game, catapulting him to celebrity status. He won a casual £7 321 810 during the game. He won with a bet of just over £4, which is incredible and shows that even small bets can lead to some super lucrative outcomes!

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