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Choose Your Favourite Bingo Game
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Your Guide to Slingo Bingo Games

While here at Slingo we might be most well-known for offering the best selection of online slingo bingo games around we also offer a range of different Bingo types. We've certainly not forgotten our roots either, as we champion several classic bingo games on our site. So, get your dabber ready and listen out for those two fat ladies, or clickety-click 66 as we go through some of our most popular Bingo games on our platform.

Bingo Blast


Bingo Blast is a 90-ball bingo game by Pragmatic Play that has some seriously explosive elements. Fully optimized for use on all devices including mobile phones and tablets, games of Bingo Blast are played over a 3-minute period, meaning this game is perfect for high-speed Bingo fans who are looking for non-stop action.

Boom Box Bingo


We've had the blast, and now it's time for the boom with Boom Box Bingo at Slingo. In this version of Bingo online players are whisked back to the 1980's when the boombox was king. With 80 balls to complement the era this slot was inspired by, Boom Box Bingo is played on a 4x4 game grid, with only a single prize up for grabs, so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled on this title!

Country Roads Bingo


Country roads may take you home, but they can also lead you to a fabulous Bingo game with the Country Roads online Bingo game. With just 75 balls this Bingo variant is played at a bit of a quicker pace and there's three prizes up for grabs per game; one line, full house, and pattern. Like all the other slots on our list, the Country Roads bingo game is fully optimized for desktop and mobile use. 

Heavy Weight Bingo


Heavy Weight Bingo definitely isn't for the weaklings amongst us and is a 90-ball behemoth with a colossal prize pot on offer. Games start at 9pm and are played on a unique 3x9 game grid. Like Country Roads there's three prizes on offer, though this time it is for one line, two lines, and a full house.

Jackpot Room Bingo


If you're looking to play a bingo game with some seriously high stakes then you'll love Jackpot Room Bingo from Pragmatic Play. Played with the standard 90-ball formula, this game can be played 24hrs a day and uses a 3x9 bingo grid. Three chances are up for grabs in this progressive prize showstopper; one line, two lines, and a full house.

Super Heavy Weight


If you've got the bulging bingo muscles for it, then you'll love Super HeavyWeight bingo. A higher stakes version than the Heavyweight bingo game already mentioned, rounds of this game start at 9pm sharp. Just like the original game, there's three prizes up for grabs (one line, two lines, and full house), and this game is played with the standard 90-ball set up.

Zoom Room


If you want to try playing bingo at super speed then the Zoom Room bingo game is definitely the choice for you. With just 30 balls in play- a third of the usual, rounds in this game go by very quickly. Played from 10am-2pm, there's only a single prize up for grabs, and to get it you'll need to achieve a full house before anyone else can.

Play Bingo Online at Slingo

So as you can see, it's not just about Slingo games here at Slingo- we love classic Bingo too, and have a broad range of exciting options on offer available for play at all times of the day. So, if you want to see if you can find the two fat ladies, or get your ducks in a row, then come on down and play bingo with us at Slingo!

Slingo Editorial Team is the official site for Slingo games and thousands of online slots and live table games. Our editorial team is geared towards promoting fun, spontaneous, and responsible gameplay and is dedicated to creating high-quality content around the most popular games and more! If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.



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