Things to Look Out For While Gambling Online

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At Slingo we always want our players to have lots and lots of fun, but do so safely. This is why responsible gambling and reducing the risks of online gambling are at the heart of all we do. In today's guide, we’re taking a look at some of the key things to look out for when gambling online. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Unregulated Websites

When gambling, it is best to ensure that the online casino you are about to engage with has licences. Online casinos that aren't regulated may take advantage of players. If issues do arise, they are challenging to identify. Your personal information may be accessible to scammers and hackers on these websites due to security issues. In order to promote gambling, they could also give your contact information to outside parties. You should think about these concerns before creating an account on a website that is not regulated. It should be really easy to see if a casino site is licensed, because legit casino sites will always clearly display their licences and regulations, most commonly at the bottom of all their web pages. There are a variety of different gambling authorities that licence and regulate online casinos, for example, in the UK the most common authority is the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), followed by the Malta Gambling Authority.

Payment Methods

Personal information, including credit card and banking account numbers, may be susceptible and available to hackers or con artists due to the possibility of unregulated websites or scam casino sites. In order to advertise gaming websites and deals, third-party partners may also receive access to contact information. When gambling online, look for a site which clearly displays a wide range of recognized payment and deposit methods. Check out the terms and conditions to make sure there are no predatory terms too. For complete peace of mind, you could check out some third-party reviews to see what other players are saying about your intended site. Failing to do so could leave your sensitive information at risk from nefarious sources, and could lead to you feeling the financial effects of online gambling, despite trying your best to game safely. 

“Free Bets”

Players are frequently persuaded to create accounts at online gambling sites with the promise of "free bets," sometimes even creating multiple accounts at one site. Most online casinos offer free bets, often known as free spins, as a type of enticement for their customers. Although the players are offered these spins, they are not truly free because the majority of the spins are only available after making your initial deposit or achieving a set ‘playthrough’ requirement seen in the terms and conditions of the offer. While these offers can be very good for new players who know how to gamble responsibly, if this is your first time trying out an online casino or know you’ve not got the best impulse control, then you’ll want to show restraint when engaging in any offers such as these.  

Gambling for Stress-relief

For some, the initial turn to online gambling may be a coping strategy to help escape the daily grind, relationship stress, or, in recent events, newfound isolation and uncertainty in the world. Initially, it may seem to help reduce stress and anxiety. Some gambling addicts describe a sense of "zoning out", distraction and feeling as if they were in their own world.  However, as compulsive online gambling progresses into a recurring problem, it often creates more anxiety, more stress, and more uncertainty, creating a dangerous perpetual loop of compulsive and destructive behaviour. Because of this, you should never view gambling as an ‘escape’ or ‘way out’ from your troubles, as this is a surefire way to fall into problem gambling habits. Instead, online gambling should be viewed as a fun hobby you indulge in from time to time. If you’re worried about developing negative gambling habits, then check out the Responsible Gambling Page of our site for more information.

Play Responsibly at

While gambling does come with its fair share of risks, as you can see by our article, with just a few checks and good habits, these risks can largely be mitigated. At Slingo, we are fully licensed and promote responsible gambling practices. Sign up and play today, and of course, always gamble responsibly.

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