16 Of The Best Designer Jacket Brands

Best Designer Jacket Brands
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Choosing a fresh coat can be challenging, as there are tons of jacket brands out there worth investing in.

We've compiled a list of the best jacket brands to make the process easier! From bomber jackets to formal coats and various weatherproof options, you're sure to find your next piece in no time.

Tips For Purchasing Jackets

One of the easiest ways to upgrade any outfit is by adding a jacket. Choose the right style for the occasion, and you'll look trendy and stand out from the crowd.

When purchasing any style of jacket, especially if it is an investment piece, you need to ensure that it is well-made and high quality. Check the fabric, the label, and the stitching before purchasing. Choosing one of the well-known luxury jacket brands will help you make a quality purchase.

Another tip is to invest in jackets that will work with existing pieces in your wardrobe. It is a good idea to have a few statement pieces, but the majority of your pieces should be versatile and compliment your other clothes. 

Whether you're looking for an elegant winter coat, or a warm and weatherproof ski jacket, you'll find the best brand for your style listed below. No matter the type of jacket, you want to make sure that it will keep you warm while looking good.

The Best Luxury Jacket Brands

We collected the best brands for each jacket style, outdoor gear, and stylish winter jackets. Keep reading below to find your perfect match!

1. Belstaff

Best All-rounder

In existence for almost a century, Belstaff has a reputation for high-quality outerwear. They are well known for the care they take in designing and manufacturing their clothes. 

Their most popular jackets are their iconic leather jackets, for both men and women. They are made from high-quality, long-lasting leather and come in a wide variety of styles. This is the perfect brand if you like to look stylish while working and playing hard. 

2. Acne Studios

Best For On-Trend Outerwear

If you want to invest in luxurious outwear that is on trend, then this Swedish brand, Acne Studios, is your match. They keep an eye on the fashion market and make sure to produce high-quality items that suit the trends while remaining timeless and stylish. 

Acne Studios produces trendy Women’s and men’s outerwear starting at prices usually £300+. Choose from overshirts, coats, denim jackets, puffer jackets and plenty more to enhance your look.

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3. Burberry

Best for trench coats

Add some high fashion, timeless style to any outfit with the addition of a Burberry trench coat. Established in 1856, Burberry made warm coats to protect the British public from the bitter winters. 

Their coats and jackets are excellently made and are a worthwhile lifetime investment that you won’t regret. 

4. Moncler

Best for winter down gilet

Moncler is a great brand for those who like to layer up against the winter cold. They are well known for their super snug down gilets, which are an excellent addition to any winter wardrobe. 

This Italian brand has made stylish clothing since 1952 and is skilled at producing high-quality winter jackets and coats. A Moncler piece is a worthwhile investment, with the guarantee of keeping your cosy during the winter months. 

Moncler jackets start at around £500, or their boutique exclusive collections come at a steeper price, all the way up to nearly £12,000.

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5. Canada Goose

Best for cold weather

A Canada Goose jacket is the right choice for your next investment if you are a fan of heading out in the cold weather. Their high-quality jackets are made to withstand severe cold weather, and this outerwear will ensure that you stay warm even in excessive snow and icy conditions. 

Visit the Canada Goose site to find your next favourite coat or jacket - each piece even includes a temperature guide to let you know if your chosen piece is suitable for you. 

6. The North Face

Best for puffer jackets

If you want the ultimate puffer jacket to snuggle in, you must consider getting one from The North Face. They produce excellent outerwear for hikers and adventurers, and a winter jacket from The North Face won't disappoint you. 

Armed with a The North Face Jacket, you'll confidently tackle that next snowy peak in warm comfort. 

The North Face produce trendy men’s and women’s jackets that will keep you cozy when the weather gets cold.

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7. C.P. Company

Best for goggle jackets

Planning to spend significant time out in the snow? C.P. Company's goggle jackets protect your eyes while keeping you comfy and cosy. This Italian brand was established in 1971 and is well known for its stylish athletic outerwear. 

Their outerwear starts at £375 RRP, stretching up to nearly £1000, but you’ll be thankful you invested in C.P Company’s collection of innovative garment engineering. 

8. Stone Island

Best for technical jackets

Stone Island is well known for its high-end clothing with a stylish flair. They've brought this style into their range of technical jackets. Their practical, rainproof, lightweight jackets will keep you warm and protected against the elements while still looking stylish. 

Their luxury jackets, available in various styles and colours, are perfect for the anyone who loves to adventure no matter the weather outdoors while still looking sleek and classy. 

Stone Island outerwear starts at around £500 per piece, but you can expect to pay upwards of £1,000 if you want to invest in some of their most iconic pieces.

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9. Barbour

Best for waxed jackets

It is essential to include timeless and practical jackets in your wardrobe. One worth considering is the waxed jacket, for which Barbour is famous. These jackets are made from substantial, thick cotton covered in a wax film, making them waterproof. 

Developed in 1894, this jacket remains a perfectly warm and protective layer for any occasion, whether that be race days or simply heading into town for a spot of shopping. 

Barbour jackets and coats come at a reasonable price, often around the £200 mark, although you can pay towards the £2000 point for some of their statement pieces, like the Barbour X Chloé Dani Wax Trench Coat

10. Patagonia

Best for fleece jackets

Not only are these jackets excellently made, but they're also practical and have many cool features. They are fully guaranteed against any damages. 

Patagonia is pro-saving the planet, meaning that when you buy a jacket from them, you can do so without having anything weigh on your conscience. 

Their snug mid-layer fleeces are an excellent layer to add to your winter outdoor wear collection. They also have plenty of warm insulated jackets, including a rain jacket collection and wind-resistant light jackets.

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11. Columbia

Best for waterproof winter jacket

If you want high-quality mountain wear, Columbia is the brand for you. They offer weatherproof jackets that will have you staying warm and dry no matter the conditions. Or, you can purchase water-resistant lightweight jackets that will keep you warm and dry when going for a quick stroll. 

Columbia also makes the best winter jackets for a wide variety of sports in a range of fashionable styles. They have been a reliable and trusted brand, using only the highest quality materials, since 1938.

Women’s and Men’s jackets come at affordable price for such a high-quality brand, often sitting around the £100-200 mark.

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12. Marmot

Best for winter sports

Marmot has a fascinating company history. It was started by two students in 1971 at U.C. Santa Cruz and is named after an adorable animal in the local mountains. The company was a social club; you could only purchase a jacket if you hiked with other members. 

This unique brand also has a unique way of manufacturing its gear, ensuring that it won't disappoint you on your adventures. You are guaranteed outdoor gear made from high-quality materials, and this brand creates some of the best winter jackets for any expedition. 

Marmot offers both women’s jackets and men’s jackets and you can expect to pay around £200+ for your next high-quality expedition or winter sport purchase. 

13. Arc'teryx

Best for technical shells

Initially producers of climbing gear, Arc'teryx began developing tech gear for various outdoor activities. They make phenomenal technical shells, made from heat laminate, that is durable and innovative. 

These versalitile pieces make great additions to any wardrobe, whether you’re looking for women’s shell jackets or men’s insulated jackets.

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14. Triple F.A.T Goose

Best winter coats

Looking for the best winter coats? Triple F.A.T. Goose has you covered. Not only do they have super cosy coats, but they’re constructed with arctic conditions in mind. With a Triple F.A.T Goose coat, you’ll know you’ll be nice and toasty during the colder months. 

They're worth considering for their puffer and rain jackets. You can even find bomber jackets at Triple F.A.T. Goose for a more casual look. 

15. Off-White

Best street wear jackets

Off-White is becoming increasingly popular for its excellent quality outerwear in a streetwear style. 

They have bomber jackets, as well as leather and denim options. Their designs and prints are unique and will make you feel like you own a one-of-a-kind piece. They're a great investment if you're looking for a statement casual piece.

Off-White is well known for their influential varsity jackets, like the Logo Patch Varsity Jacket at £3,675, and the women’s iconic blazers which you can expect to splurge at least £1,000 on. This brand has become highly desirable amongst the younger generation and you will definitely catch attention wearing an Off-White piece.

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16. Levi's

Best denim jackets

An obvious choice for this list, Levi's is a stalwart brand that is well-known for its high-quality denim jackets. Levi's has had such a huge international impact on the fashion industry that we can't really boost it anymore. A Levi's denim jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe no matter your age or the time of year.


What is the best winter jacket in the world?

The top 3 jackets in the world are the following: 

  • Triple F.A.T. Goose Sophie Puffer Down Jacket.
  • Canada Goose Expedition Parka Fusion Fit.
  • The North Face ThermoBall Triclimate 3-in-1 Jacket.

How Many Jackets Should I Own?

There are three jackets that are essential items for any wardrobe. First is the causal jacket, which includes leather, denim, and bomber. Marmot, Colombia and Barbour are good jacket brands to consider. 

Next, you'll want to invest in a formal coat—a quality woollen one for winter and maybe a lightweight one for spring and autumn. Consider Burberry or Saint Laurent for these. 

Lastly, you'll want a high-quality weatherproof jacket to protect you from the elements. 

Once you have these three jackets, you can start to have fun and increase your collection with a combination of practical and stand-out pieces.

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