Arcade Slot Game Review

Arcade Slot Game Review
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Love classic fruit machines with three reels and simple, fast-paced gameplay? Then the Arcade slot UK is the slot for you! Wazdan has captured the visual style and overall feel of vintage slots brilliantly. You can win a wide range of prizes for matching traditional slot symbols like lemons and pears, while the Mini Bonus can boost the value of your payouts, too. 

Arcade Slot Game 

The streamlined design of Wazdan's Arcade mobile slot was influenced by vintage slot machines. It may feel somewhat different from other slots with dozens, if not hundreds, of paylines because it is played on a grid with just three reels, three rows, and one payline.

The bottom half of the screen has the reels, which are populated with large, vivid symbols. After a spin, you can hit the "pause" button at the base of each reel to assist you to create winning combinations on your subsequent spin.

Theme & Symbols

As mentioned, the Arcade casino slot is designed after a classic fruit machine that you might have seen back in the day in your local pub. Similar to numerous other slots, the Arcade slot online uses fruit symbols including oranges, lemons, and plums. Whether you match two or three of any given symbol will determine which of the two payments you receive.

The value of the Pot symbol ranges from 4x to 80x your stake. The Vegas symbol can return up to 60 times your wager, the Pear up to 40 times, and the Grape and Watermelon symbols up to 24 times.  A top reward of 24 times your wager is also offered by the tomato and bell symbols. The value of the orange and pineapple symbols is up to 12 times.  Win up to 1.60 times if you land on the Plum or Lemon symbol. The Cherries provide up to 0.40x in payout and the Raspberry up to 0.80x.

The Basics: How to Play Arcade Online Slot


Set your bet when you're ready to play the Arcade online slot. Simply utilise the '-' and '+' buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate through the available stake possibilities to accomplish this. To begin playing with that amount, simply click on any of them.

Next, play the Arcade slot machine by pressing the "spin" button. To earn the prize indicated on the paytable, you must line up two or more identical symbols on an active payline. Since the Pot is the highest-paying symbol in Arcade, getting three of them on a payline will result in the highest payment.

To access the help section, tap the "?" button on the control panel's left side. To learn more about the rewards, regulations, and Mini Bonus feature, scroll down.

Arcade Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The RTP for Wazdan's Arcade slot game is 96.62%. Each spin can include a wager of between 0.20 and 100.

Arcade Bonus Features


There are no Arcade slot free spins on offer, but there still is a feature called the ‘mini bonus’ to look out for. 

A Mini Bonus symbol will activate the relevant place in the Mini Bonus Matrix Table if it lands on a reel. Fill the Star Matrix, and your subsequent win will include the Mini Bonus amount. The applied Mini Bonus is shown in the "Mini Bonus" indicator above reel 3.

There are no Wilds or Scatters to be found on the reels of the Arcade casino slot machine; this is the only bonus available. The focus of the game is on standard slot gaming because it is based on classic fruit machines.

Play Arcade Online on Slingo

Classic slot machine fun is brought to life in the Arcade slot game. Sign up and play this game today at


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