Magic Monk Rasputin Slot Game Review

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Merkur gaming's Magic Monk Rasputin slot combines history with the intriguing world of slots. The Magic Monk Rasputin slot, which uses the same ladder-winning technique as the Black Hole slot, transports you to historic Russia and puts you face to face with the mysterious and mystical monk himself.

Magic Monk Rasputin Slot Game 

The Magic Monk Rasputin slot online from Merkur gaming will captivate you if you enjoy your online slots with a hint of mystery and intrigue. This slot, which features the mystical real-life historical figure Rasputin, is also ideal for history buffs. As previously stated, Merkur's creative ladder winning system is used in the Magic Monk Rasputin slot machine, which adds to the tension as players try to see how far they can climb before the sinister Rasputin emerges and stifles their enjoyment.

The Magic Monk Rasputin slot game, unlike the historical era in which it is situated, may be played on any platform, including mobile phones and tablets, via the mobile slot.

Theme & Symbols

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (January 21, 1869 – December 30, 1916) was a Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man who befriended the family of Nicholas II, Russia's final Emperor and earned enormous power in late Imperial Russia. Known for his feats of magic and intrigue, as well as his strong fortitude, it’s not hard to see why Merkur was inspired to create the Magic Monk Rasputin online slot in his honor. 

This game has amazing graphics with a dark and menacing edge. In the three reels to the left of the screen, the symbols are displayed. Jewels, mystical eggs, emerald rings, and other costly stones are among them. Crowns are also included, lending the game a royal flavor. During the game, you will occasionally glimpse the monk's face, which adds to the amusement value. The sounds in the background are striking, and they can be heard on every spin of the reels. The rest of the game is set out on the screen with all the information, allowing you to climb the ladders toward the large prizes.

The Basics: How to Play Magic Monk Rasputin Online Slot

The Magic Monk Rasputin slot UK is a little different from what we're used to, but that's part of the appeal. With only 5 paylines, getting started with this slot is simple if you know what you're doing. You must first select your wager using the bet selection. The Magic Monk Rasputin slot was created to appeal to a wide range of gamers, so finding a suitable stake is never a problem. If you want to go all-in, there's a 'max bet' button that lets you play the Magic Monk Rasputin slot with the highest wagering limits.

The reward ladders are the focus of this slot, and there are three of them. Each ladder pays out differently and is filled by collecting various symbols. The Rings fill the lowest value reward ladder, the Faberge eggs fill the medium-value prize ladder, and the crowns fill the highest prize ladder, which is where the jackpot is won.

Magic Monk Rasputin Slot RTP & Wager Limits

Magic Monk Rasputin has a great theoretical RTP of 96.20%, which is nicely above the current market average. Played at medium volatility, wagers on this game start at £0.10 per spin, but can cost up to £5 per spin for those with larger budgets. 

Magic Monk Rasputin Bonus Features

As we mentioned before, the entire slot is built around the concept of prize ladders. Because of this there are no Magic Monk Rasputin slot free spins, but there are still a lot of exciting elements to look forward to!

Prize Ladder

The Magic Monk Rasputin slot machine's bonus features revolve around three prize ladders. The first ladder has eight tiers and offers prizes up to 40.5 times your bet amount. Collecting blue ring symbols will progress you 1-2 steps up the ladder, while collecting red rings will advance you 2-4 stages. At 3-6 steps, the green circles will move players the most.

The most valuable prize ladder is the second one, and players can only advance up it by collecting crown symbols. There are 16 tiers in this ladder, and the prize is 2,500 times your stake. The last ladder, which has eight steps and a maximum payout of 62 times your bet, is the mid-tier prize. This staircase is climbed by collecting Faberge eggs of various hues.


When a segment of a prize ladder is completed, players have the option of claiming their prizes, redeeming a portion of their winnings, or continuing to play for higher payouts. However, if a player lands the Rasputin sign, they will forfeit all ladder progress, so be sure to watch out for the main man himself. 

Play Magic Monk Rasputin Online on Slingo

If you like to walk on the mystic side of life then you’re sure to love what the Magic Monk Rasputin slot machine has to offer. Sign up and play today at to discover more.

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