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Almost all online casinos offer free spins, but there are advantages and disadvantages to this. At Slingo, you’ll require a deposit before receiving free spins, known as bonus spins, but we also have a broad range of games that have free spins incorporated. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at casino-free spins. 

What are Free Spins?

A free spin is one spin of a reel where you don’t have to pay to spin. If the casino offers you a bonus of 10 free spins, you are permitted to play that machine ten times for free without having to make a deposit, and any winnings you incur are added to your bankroll or play money. The minimum coin size (again, for Starburst, this becomes 0.10 cents/pennies a spin) and the maximum number of paylines (so, for example, for Starburst, it would be on 10 paylines) are used during the free spins.

Free spins bonuses typically come with a certain game and let you try out a mobile or online slot machine risk-free.

However, there are usually wagering conditions attached to any gains from free spins bonuses. Therefore, you must play the money a specific number of times before you can claim it.

Always carefully review the terms and conditions of the casino. Free spins bonuses, like no deposit bonuses, are excellent for trying out the newest mobile slot games available, but if the wagering requirements are excessive, your prospects of making a respectable profit are slim. While Free Spins upon first deposit are the most common kind of bonus you can expect from a casino, many slot games themselves offer in-game free spins which do not come with these types of requirements.  

How to Get Free Spins at Slingo

At we’re all about free spins, which is why you’ll find some great offers in the promotion section of our site. Firstly, you’ll see we have a ‘daily picks’ section. This is where returning players can receive a little treat each day such as exclusive deposit bonuses, no-deposit spins, and cash payouts.

We also offer saver spins packages. While these aren’t technically free spins, you can purchase reduced-cost spins on some of your favourite titles. A discounted price on many games is available when you purchase one of our Saver Spin bundles. In order to keep the enjoyment going, we're rewarding you with more gameplay for less money. You will be updated on our saver spin bundles through email or in our Daily Picks section.

Popular Slingo Games with Free Spins 

As we mentioned, free spins aren’t only available as part of wider casino promotions. Many games you know and love incorporate free spins bonus rounds into their games. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite titles with free spins on offer:

  • Slingo Bells: Fast-paced, entertaining, and exhilarating, Slingo Bells features a joyful Christmas theme. The well-known Slingo grid has been changed into a Christmas grotto this time, complete with ornaments, gold stars, and, of course, some big cash prizes! Work your way up the pay scale on Slingos, with a top payout of 1,000 times your wager.
  • Slingo Riches: With its clever fusion of slots and bingo, Slingo Riches—the original Slingo game—makes it clear why it became so popular. The popular game has a rousing atmosphere because of its straightforward yet entertaining concept and the potential to win up to £20,000.
  • Slingo Masked Singer: Fans may take in the exciting ambiance of the concert whenever they want thanks to Slingo Masked Singer. The Masked Singer Slingo game continues the tradition of several other Slingo games with brand-specific themes. 
  • Slingo XXXtreme: The Slingo XXXtreme game is scorchingly hot right now, not just warm or even boiling hot. You can be sure you're in for something more than just a little bit spicy when there are three Xs! When the activity is this intense, you can expect fully automated spins and incredibly quick action.

For a full list, check out our article; Top Slingo Games That Have Free Spins.

Play Slingo Games with Free Spins at

There are so many Slingo games, slot games, and casino games that feature fantastic free spins at, as well as incredible daily offers seen in our Daily Picks section. Sign up and play today.

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