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Slingo Sweet Bonanza
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Slingo Sweet Bonanza is a sugar lover’s dream! This colourful creation combines the famous Slingo grid with elements of hit slot game Sweet Bonanza to provide a fun-filled gaming experience for everyone.

In this review we’ll explore what it's really like to play one of the most popular Slingo games, and what makes it so great. If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to play, visit our Slingo Sweet Bonanza page.


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Slingo Sweet Bonanza Information

Game Name: Slingo Sweet Bonanza

RTP: 96%

Game Provider: Slingo Originals brought by Gaming Realms

Reels: 5

Theme: 2D/3D, Candy

Paylines: 12

Feature/s: Wilds, Super Wilds, Free Spins, Multipliers

Min & Max Bet: £0.20 - £100

Volatility: High

Biggest Possible Win: 1,600x stake


HIGHLIGHT ONE: Slingo Sweet Bonanza Gameplay

Slingo Sweet Bonanza is a bright and inviting Slingo game that follows the same format as most other Slingo games. The aim of the game is to match up the numbers that appear on the grid with those on the reels to mark off Slingos (similar to lines in bingo).

The gameplay is fun and engaging, and one of our favourite things about Slingo games is choosing which numbers to mark off on the grid when Wilds and Super Wilds appear. The chance to fast-track to the bonus round by landing three or more Candy Bombs on the reels adds a fun dimension to the game too. Keen to learn more? Keep reading to find out more about the game’s theme, symbols and bonus features.

HIGHLIGHT TWO: Slingo Sweet Bonanza Game Theme

The Slingo Sweet Bonanza game is set in a candy dream world, with ice cream cone mountains, clusters of iced gems and a pretty pink and orange colour scheme. The eagle-eyed slots fans among you will notice that the background is almost identical to the original Sweet Bonanza slot game, which strengthens the link between the two games.

On the grid, the numbers are inside red cartoon hearts. When numbers are marked off on the grid, they turn into green stars. There are also a couple of special symbols from the original game, which are the swirly lollipop and the candy bomb. Read on to find out more about what they do!



HIGHLIGHT THREE: Slingo Sweet Bonanza Symbols

In the Slingo Sweet Bonanza game there are a few different symbols to look out for. Here’s a quick summary:

Wild: Enables you to mark off any number in the column above the one it appears in.

Super Wild: Allows you to mark off any number in the entire grid.

Free Spin: Awards an additional spin at the end of the game.

X symbol: Acts as a blocker to try to stop you from matching up numbers.

Candy bomb bonus: Get three or more of them on the reels to fast-track your way to the bonus game.

Lollipop: Finding a lollipop in the bonus game adds more cash picks.



HIGHLIGHT FOUR: Slingo Sweet Bonanza Game Bonuses

Slingo Sweet Bonanza has one bonus game: the Candy Bomb Bonus. Here’s how it works:

Candy Bomb Bonus

Complete eight Slingos or more to gain access to the candy bomb bonus game. You’ll then be taken to a new screen where you’ll see four brightly coloured candy bombs. The number of picks you’ll get will depend on how many Slingos triggered the round.

Pick a bomb to reveal a multiplier value. If you have any picks left, you’ll get to choose between four more bombs and the values of all your picks will be added together at the end of the bonus game.

Once you’ve used up all your picks you’ll get the chance to find a lollipop. If you’re successful you’ll repeat the bonus, but if not you’ll be returned to the main game.

You can also unlock the bonus round by landing three or more bonus symbols on a single spin. The more bonus symbols you get, the more picks you’ll win!

FINAL HIGHLIGHT: Slingo Sweet Bonanza Summary

Slingo Sweet Bonanza is a beautifully designed game that is fun to play whether you’re familiar with the original Sweet Bonanza game or not. We love choosing which numbers to mark off on the Slingo grid, and the Candy Bomb Bonus game provides an extra opportunity to win a prize.

Want to learn more about Slingo Originals, including a list of our favourite Slingo Originals x Gaming Realms releases to try? Read our blog post to discover more Slingo Originals games.

Play Slingo Sweet Bonanza at Slingo

Slingo is the official home of Slingo Originals games, including Slingo Sweet Bonanza. With its sugary-sweet theme and engaging Candy Bomb Bonus game, this Slingo game is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Ready to try it for yourself? Sign up now and play Slingo Sweet Bonanza online at Slingo!

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