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Slingo Golden Envelope Overview
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Slingo Golden Envelope is a fantastic Slingo Originals game that was released at the beginning of 2023. With its beautiful Asian-inspired theme and design, fun bonus features and simple gameplay, it’s one of our favourite Slingo games to date. Read on to find out what we love about Slingo Golden Envelope – then give it a spin to experience it for yourself!


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Slingo Golden Envelope: An Introduction

Slingo Golden Envelope is a unique Slingo game inspired by Asian culture and the Lunar New Year, when red envelopes filled with money are given as gifts to loved ones. 

In Slingo Golden Envelope, both red and gold envelopes have an important part to play. Collect eight red envelopes (from either the reel or the grid) to trigger the Red Envelope feature. You’ll receive a predetermined number of picks, with each red envelope you choose awarding you additional picks, a cash prize or a multiplier.

Complete Slingos to make it to the top of the pay ladder and play the Golden Envelope jackpot bonus game, with five amazing jackpots up for grabs!

Read on to learn about our favourite aspects of the Slingo Golden Envelope game:

Classic Asian Theme 

As we mentioned above, Slingo Golden Envelope takes its inspiration from the Lunar New Year celebrations in Asian countries such as China, Korea, Malaysia, and more. The New Year is celebrated at the first new moon of a lunar calendar (usually in January or February).

The game features both red and gold envelopes. In many Asian countries, red envelopes are a symbol of luck and prosperity for the year ahead, since during Lunar New Year they are filled with money and given to loved ones.

As well as red envelopes, Slingo Golden Envelope also features a design with bags of gold coins and pretty paper lanterns floating in the distance. These types of lanterns are released into the sky during Lunar New Year, to symbolise letting go of your past self and welcoming in the new year.

For more Slingo games with a similar, classic, Asian theme, check out our blog on Chinese-inspired Slingo games.


Firecrackers and Features

Slingo Golden Envelope has a number of exciting special features. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Red Envelopes: Collect 8 red envelopes from either the reels or the grid to trigger the Red Envelope feature. You’ll then get to pick from envelopes on the screen, with prizes including additional picks, cash prizes and multipliers.

  • Golden Envelope Bonus: Complete 12 Slingos on the grid (a full house) to unlock the Golden Envelope Bonus game. Pick from envelopes on the screen to reveal symbols, with three matching symbols resulting in a cash prize. There are five jackpot levels to play for: Mini, Minor, Medium, Grand and Super!

  • Gold coins are Wilds and bags of coins are Super Wilds, and can help you to mark off numbers on the grid.
  • Firecrackers are Free Spins, and will award you an additional spin at the end of the game.

A Unique Slingo Experience

The Slingo Originals studio is constantly innovating and bringing our players exciting new releases, and Slingo Golden Envelope is no exception! 

We love its simple yet engaging gameplay, and the chance to trigger either the Red Envelope bonus or the Golden Envelope bonus makes it really stand out from the crowd.

We’re also big fans of its beautifully designed theme, and the way it teaches players about Lunar New Year celebrations.

Play Slingo Golden Envelope at is the official home of Slingo Originals, including Slingo Golden Envelope. This stunning Slingo game has plenty to offer, with Red Envelope and Golden Envelope features plus five incredible jackpot prizes! With its simple gameplay, unique bonus features and the popular Slingo grid, Slingo Golden Envelope is a new classic. Ready to play? Sign up at Slingo and play Slingo Golden Envelope!

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