Shuffle Roulette

Get Slingo-ing with our NEW Shuffle Roulette game that adds a cheeky twist to the roulette game you all know and love! Don't miss out


Ready to face the dealer? In this online game, you'll find pesky jokers and
devils in your pack, as well as suits and hands that are conventional for
roulette. This super slingo casino experience is suitable for beginners and
pros alike - so dive straight in and test your skill!

How to play

Playing Slingo Shuffle Roulette is super simple. Just use the left and right
arrows at the bottom of your screen to choose the chip value. To place your
bets, just slip your slingo chips in the side bet area (you can find this in
the bottom left of the screen). Ready to place your bet? You can bet on:

  • Individual cards - when your chosen card appears, you get a saucy slingo win
  • Groups of 2 adjacent cards - if both of your cards appear, you receive a win
  • Groups of 4 adjacent cards - if all 4 of your chosen cards appear, you'll get a win
  • Complete groups of numbers - you'll get a win if all 4 of one number card appears
  • Complete suits - a win is awarded when all cards in your chosen suit appear
  • Joker - if you draw a joker as your first card, you'll get a win

As you place each bet, its value - along with your possible winnings - will be
shown in the message bar, and your total stake will appear in the status bar.
You can press the X button to remove the last chip placed, or hold the X
button down to undo all of the chips placed. If you hit REPEAT BET, the chips
from your previous game will make a slingo-ing comeback, and they'll land in
the same position on your grid, ready for the next game.

Make sure you're happy with your bet, then hit DEAL! Cards will be dealt one
by one on the card screen, and the ones that match your bet will be marked off
in the selections area - so keep your eyes peeled! Also, keep an eye on the
top of your screen, as the cards that could trigger a potential win are
displayed there. The Total Win meter will show all of your winning bets and
give you a grand total of your takings - how much will you win??

Return to player

The theoretical RTP is dependent on bet types selected: BET| PAYS| RTP
---|---|--- Straight| 1| 96.7% Split| 2| 95.0% Corner| 4| 93.6% Street| 4|
93.3% Suit| 8| 91.7% Colour| 16| 92.4% Joker| 15| 92.3% Poker| 3000| 61.8%

When the fun stops, stop