AYBL vs Gymshark: Which Sportswear Brand is Best?

AYBL vs Gymshark
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Dive into the world of activewear with the ultimate face-off: AYBL vs Gymshark. If you love fitness or the athleisure aesthetic, you’ll likely know these two gymwear giants.

AYBL brings a unique blend of style and functionality to the table, while Gymshark is a powerhouse known for its performance-driven designs. So how do you choose between them?

Luckily, we've done all the hard work comparing quality, affordability, and more to help you choose the best fitness gear for you. Get ready to sweat it out in style with AYBL and Gymshark! But first, let’s take a look at the back stories of these two brands.

A Brief History of Gymshark

Gymshark was founded in a garage by school friends Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan in 2012. It began as a supplements company, but the brand shifted its focus to activewear due to the founders' passion for fitness and weightlifting.

Gymshark gained rapid popularity through social media, particularly on Instagram, where it quickly amassed a dedicated following. The brand's success lies in its commitment to creating innovative, stylish, and performance-oriented activewear.

Today, Gymshark has become an industry leader in global fitness apparel and empowers a community of fans at all different stages of their fitness journeys. 

A Brief History of AYBL

AYBL is a contemporary sportswear brand that has swiftly risen in the fitness fashion scene. Founded by brothers Reiss and Kristian Edgerton in 2018, AYBL has become synonymous with trendy and performance-oriented activewear.

The brand has quickly gained recognition for its dedication to delivering high-quality sportswear that seamlessly combines comfort, style, and functionality. AYBL's focus on creating apparel that transcends workout sessions and transitions into everyday wear has contributed to its popularity among fitness enthusiasts and those seeking comfort with a fashion-forward athleisure edge.

Gymshark vs AYBL: Which Should You Choose?



Gymshark is renowned for its high-quality construction, combining performance and style seamlessly. The brand’s collections cater to gym-goers and people looking to elevate their everyday fashion with comfortable, trendy clothing.

By using advanced fabrics and innovative manufacturing techniques, Gymshark aims to maximise users’ workouts while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic that’s as suitable for those mid-morning coffee runs as it is on the treadmill. Fans of Gymshark appreciate the brand’s attention to detail, form-fitting and flattering designs and the overall quality of the clothing. 


AYBL's clothing is synonymous with quality, but it’s designed to bridge the gap between functionality and fashion effortlessly. Engineered to support an active lifestyle, AYBL's apparel boasts exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring comfort and durability during intense workouts.

High-performance fabrics and AYBL’s keen eye for detail result in activewear that enhances your workouts and is comfortable enough to wear on the street.

Gymshark score: 8.9/10

AYBL score: 8.7/10

Value for money


Gymshark offers excellent value for money, striking a balance between performance, style, and affordability. You'll be able to find high-quality activewear at competitive prices, meaning it's accessible to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.

Gymshark's use of high-end materials and cutting-edge technologies results in durable, functional gym wear for fashion-conscious people without breaking the bank. With frequent releases and a diverse range of styles, Gymshark offers options for every budget and preference.


AYBL clothing presents outstanding value for money. The brand has positioned itself as a go-to choice for those seeking durable activewear without the premium price tag. AYBL's commitment to providing functional and stylish sportswear at accessible prices ensures that you'll receive excellent value for your investment.

By regularly releasing new collections, AYBL lets you keep your gym wear rotation fresh and keep on top of the latest trends without stretching your budget too far. 

If you want more ideas on refreshing your wardrobe without breaking the bank, read our guide to the best affordable luxury clothing brands.

Gymshark score: 9.1/10

AYBL score: 9.4/10

Gym suitability


Designed with your gym workouts in mind, Gymshark offers the perfect fit, flexibility, and breathability. The brand’s selection reflects the founders’ passion for working out, so no matter what you do in the gym, from crushing the weights to getting a sweat on in a HIIT class, Gymshark has the clothes you need. The form-fitting styles ensure you move freely while sweat-wicking material ensures you stay cool.

With a wide range of styles and collections, from high-waistband joggers to sports bras, you can find gym-appropriate pieces that enhance your performance and add a stylish edge to your workout wardrobe. It's also worth noting that Gymshark fans consider the brand to have some of the best gym leggings when it comes to squat-proof material and versatility.


AYBL's gym wear is designed with your comfort and confidence in mind. Everything AYBL makes is tailored for the gym grind, offering the flexibility and durability you need to conquer every set and rep. The brand’s super soft leggings are perfect for fitness, featuring waistbands that are made to stick to your waist no matter how much you move.

This brand's activewear is not just about hitting the gym; it's about doing it in style. You'll find the perfect balance between comfort and trendsetting designs with AYBL.

Gymshark score: 9.5/10

AYBL score: 9.2/10



The fashion-forward allure of Gymshark clothing is another bonus for athleisure fans. The brand is known for its sleek, modern designs effortlessly blend performance with style. From leggings that fit like a glove to sports bras that double as statement pieces, Gymshark looks just as at home on the high street as it does in your spin class.

Whether you're into the minimalist aesthetic with Gymshark’s sleek Seamless collection or you're ready to turn heads with bold patterns from seasonal releases, Gymshark has something for everyone. The thoughtfully curated colour palettes, innovative designs, and attention to detail in stitching and accents ensure that you perform and look your best.


AYBL is carving its niche in the world of activewear with a fashion-forward approach that doesn't compromise functionality.  clothing transcends the traditional boundaries of workout gear, offering styles that seamlessly transition from the gym to the streets.

What sets AYBL apart is its dedication to staying on top of current fashion trends. From leggings with eye-catching patterns to sports bras that strike the perfect balance between support and style, AYBL's designs are curated for those who want to make a statement in and out of the gym. The colour palettes and detailing reflect a modern, chic aesthetic, ensuring you look good and feel confident in your activewear. With AYBL’s fashion-forward activewear, you’ll look and feel as good in the gym as you do running errands.

Want more inspiration on the best fashion gracing the city streets? Check out our guide on the best designer streetwear brands here.

Gymshark score: 9.2/10

AYBL score: 8.8/10



Gymshark has been making strides toward a more sustainable future, and if you're conscious about the environmental impact of your activewear, take a look at Gymshark’s sustainability goals.

While the brand acknowledges the challenges within the fashion industry, it continues to take steps to minimise its ecological footprint. Gymshark's sustainability initiatives include sourcing materials with a lower environmental impact, increasing the recyclability of its products, and reducing its overall carbon footprint on new products by 50% by 2030.


AYBL is taking steps to become a more sustainable brand by working to eliminate, reduce, or recycle waste. For US customers, the brand has introduced Re-AYBL, which lets you earn store credit or cash in return for selling your preloved AYBL items.

AYBL's journey toward sustainability also includes incorporating recycled fabrics into some of its collections, demonstrating a dedication to reducing its environmental impact. It's worth noting that the brand doesn’t currently have a sustainability report, but it is considered to be an ethical brand by The Good Shopping Guide.

Gymshark score: 7.1/10

AYBL score: 6.6/10

AYBL vs Gymshark: The Verdict

In the ultimate showdown of these incredible sportswear brands, both AYBL and Gymshark brought their A-games to the table, making it a tough call for fitness enthusiasts.

Gymshark's total score: 43.8/50

AYBL's total score: 42.7/50

However, we have to declare a winner. Gymshark emerges as the top contender by a slim margin! The brand not only nails performance and style but showcases commendable strides in sustainability, an increasingly crucial factor for conscious consumers.

Ultimately, it's a close call, and the best brand for you boils down to your personal preferences and values. Regardless of whether you're team Gymshark or AYBL, both brands will elevate your fitness wardrobe with a mix of comfort and functional athleisure pieces.

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Is Gymshark squat-proof?

Gymshark put a lot of focus on making its leggings squat-proof. The UK brand has designed all its leggings to be flexible, durable and opaque so you can work out confidently. When buying gym leggings, it's important to consider your individual body type and sizing to ensure the perfect fit and coverage.

Are Gymshark leggings see-through?

Gymshark is known for its high-quality materials, so you can expect a super stretchy pair of leggings that aren't see-through as long as you follow Gymshark's guidance on the right size and style for your body type and needs.



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