20 Of The Best Designer Furniture Brands

Best Designer Furniture Brands
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Is there anything more exciting than buying new furniture? Yes! Purchasing multiple pieces of brand-new designer furniture!

However, it is also a stressful and sometimes daunting experience. You'll be investing a lot of money and want to ensure you do so carefully. You want to avoid getting items that won't last well, both from a quality and a stylistic perspective.

We've compiled a list of luxury furniture brands to assist you in making the right choice. If you’re looking for more similar inspiration, discover the Slingo Lifestyle Blog.

What To Consider When Purchasing New Furniture Items

First, you must ensure that your interior design matches your home's architecture and overall aesthetic. Even if you're going for the eclectic look, there must be some cohesion between the different pieces. You'll want the furniture to tell a story as you move through your home. 

The next thing to remember is the space you're working with. Be sure to take measurements before starting to pick out your new furniture. There’s nothing worse than buying a new couch only to find it doesn't fit in your lounge (or even through the door!).

Lastly, choose appropriate items for your family, home, and lifestyle. If you have young kids, it might be best to skip the white couch during this period of life. Share your home with furry friends? Then choose items that will be easy to clean or vacuum - their hair will get everywhere, and you want to avoid causing allergies from hair buildup.

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Why Choose Luxury Furniture?

While we all love fancy home furnishings, you may wonder why these expensive items are much better than their counterparts.

Luxury furniture from expensive brands is often limited edition, ensuring that you have unique items. They are also crafted and manufactured with great care, and the fabrics used are extremely high quality. High-end furniture brands produce incredibly durable and long-lasting furnishings that will serve you well throughout your lifetime.

Don't purchase all your furniture in one go from inferior brands. Instead, save for specific items and buy from the best furniture brands over time. This will save you money in the long run, as you won't have to replace the items with any frequency.

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Best Designer Furniture Brands in the UK

If you want to make your home look like interior designers kitted it out, we suggest choosing from the popular furniture brands below. These brands have classic and modern designs and are all fantastic spots to shop for home furnishings. 

1. Knoll

If you want to add a new look to your home, consider investing in some pieces from Knoll. They are well known in the interior design world and will be an excellent investment.

They employ some of the most innovative furniture designers currently working in the industry. Their pieces are high quality and well made, and they've built an excellent reputation during their 75 years in business.

2. Benchmade Modern

BenchmadeModern is an excellent company for those who prefer to shop online for beautiful, modern furniture. Their luxury upholstered furniture designs have a slightly more affordable price point than other luxury furniture brands. This is thanks to the direct-to-consumer sales strategy that they use.

Each piece is custom-made, with potential clients being sent fabric swatches and design options before placing their final order. A custom luxury furniture item takes approximately five weeks from order to delivery.

BenchmadeModern makes customised upholstery furniture that's relatively affordable. This is thanks to its direct-to-consumer business model. Buyers can choose from dozens of fabrics and styles with each piece and receive free swatches to try before purchasing—furniture ships within five weeks of ordering. This has made BenchmadeModern an online favourite.

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3. Tov Furniture

For all your fun and edgy furniture needs, Tov Furniture has you covered. You're sure to find an eclectic and stand-out piece from Tov, one of the more vibrant and creative high-end furniture brands.

This brand can add a splash of colour to each room in your house. Plus, it is more affordable than luxury furniture brands. This makes it possible to invest in several pieces at once. Add a velvet chaise lounge to your bedroom or a fluffy couch with gold legs to your lounge.

4. Floyd Home

Floyd Home is one of the most popular furniture brands among interior designers. Their minimalist designs are modular. This makes them easy to fit into almost any space, and they are also accessible to customise and move around.

Their direct-to-consumer sales model makes them a more affordable option when upgrading your home interiors significantly.

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5. Serena & Lily

Give your home a Mediterranean summer feel with Serena & Lily. You'll quickly turn your home into a serene paradise, from wicker chairs to cheerful cushions.

With a wide variety of farmhouse and seaside chic, high-end furniture, you'll be investing in beautiful pieces for your home that will be long-lasting and emit a natural beauty.

6. Jonathan Adler

For those looking for a luxury furniture brand that creates bright and bold statement pieces, you must check out Jonathan Adler. By combining colourful, loud prints with luxury hardware such as gold legs and brass accents, this designer is well known for his vibrant designs.

Whether you want a large statement piece, or a few funky trinkets to hide around your home, you're sure to find what you need (and plenty more) at one of his stores. Be sure to have loaded pockets when popping in for a cushion, as you won't leave with just one small item!

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7. Arhaus

Arhaus prides itself in working with eco-conscious designers who use sustainably sourced materials to reduce their carbon footprint and look after the planet. Their attractive furniture options can be purchased with a clean conscience.

They sell a variety of outdoor and home furnishings and are known for their beautifully designed wooden coffee and dining tables.

8. Castlery

Castlery is a Singaporean start-up that offers high-quality, semi-customizable furniture. The furniture designs will suit a number of different living space styles, such as mid-century modern or contemporary interiors. Their furniture is timeless and well-made that your grandkids may inherit it one day.

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9. Burrow

Burrow has made a name among high-end furniture brands for their adaptable modular sectionals. Designed with millennials in mind, they quickly gained popularity due to the ease with which they can be moved around.

They have recently added office and bedroom furniture to their collection. These items are also highly functional and practical. Because they are easily incorporated into everyday life, they feel like they've been in your house all along.

10. Lulu & Georgia

If you want to give your home a "Cali in summer" feel, Lulu & Georgia is your brand. You know they'll be on point because they are based in L.A. and living that California life all year round. They like to stay on the newest trends and put themselves at the cutting edge of the interior design industry.

If you're a fan of warm wooden finishes and summer beachy fabric on your home furniture, you'll love their offering.

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11. Boca Do Lobo

Known as one of the most luxurious brands globally, Boca Do Lobo is a purveyor of luxury, handcrafted furnishings. All items are made by hand in Portugal, utilising the finest materials. 

This brand's furniture is designed to give the owner a unique emotional experience by being unique. A particular joy comes with owning the only version of an item in existence.

12. Kelly Wearstler

This famous interior designer has kitted out the home of many Hollywood stars and can now kit your home out too! She's developed her luxury furniture brand and has a diverse selection of products available. Kelly Wearstler items come in many different fabrics and colours, making it easy to find something to match your home.

If you're a fan of maximalism, you'll have found your match in Kelly Wearstler.

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13. Brabbu

Brabbu is perfect for anyone who enjoys a bold, striking style. From their futuristic-looking Kendo floor light to their Wales single sofa, they have a large selection of modern and unique homeware available in their store. Brabbu is a one-stop shop for all your bright, bold, and eclectic homeware needs.

14. Essential Home

Essential Home has the best luxury furniture in the mid-century modern style. They have used important moments from cinema and history to inspire their designs. They offer vintage furnishings and have a sister brand that offers light fixtures in the same mid-century modern design style called Delightfull.

15. Arteriors

Arteriors is an international brand that world with master artisans across the globe to create extraordinarily high-quality and varied homeware. Whether you're looking for some simple additions to your home or you want to add a statement piece or two, you'll be able to find it at Arteriors.

This global brand has some beautiful wall art offers and outdoor furniture too. They stay on interior design trends while keeping their collection unique and fresh. And if you're looking for some vintage home essentials such as tools for the fireplace or alcohol decanters, Arteriors will likely be able to find some for you.

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16. West Elm

This modern furniture brand, West Elm, has become well-known for its reliability in creating timeless pieces. They have a diverse range of items, from large dining tables to exquisite linens and comfortable couches. They're also great places to look at when you need a new bed frame, as they have many lovely luxe options.

If you'd like to create a home with a warm and welcoming feel, incorporate dome furniture from this beautiful brand. West Elm furniture creates a homely feel in any house.

17. Anthropologie

This is everyone's favourite brand for everything boho. Anthropologie has fun home decor and beautiful furniture that will spunk to any living space.

From a chic wooden bed frame to various seating options for living rooms, you will find all sorts of colourful and Zen additions for your bachelor pad. They also offer different fun hardware options. So it's the perfect stop if you want to complete that DIY project or upgrade an old drawer or cabinet.

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18. Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is the place to go when looking for individualistic statement pieces that match your urban lifestyle. These are unique investment pieces that will become family heirlooms.

His collection also has a wide variety of homeware, from rattan chairs to funky tableware. There are also some tastefully designed large furniture pieces, such as coffee tables and drawer sets.

19. RH

Formerly Restoration Hardware, RH is the purveyor of minimalist yet luxury furniture and home decor. Their creations are unique and created by artisans of various nationalities across the globe, and RH has an industrial design style that uses natural materials.

If you're looking for simple yet sleek statement pieces to add to your new home, consider purchasing some items from RH today. This wonderful furniture brand now features some items in galleries and shops, showing just how elegant and tasteful their designs are.

20. Habitat

Looking to improve the style and design of your home at a more affordable price? Then look no further than Habitat. They have all you need for any interior upgrade, from new beds to curtains and even ornaments and toothbrush holders.

Habitat has been stable in the interior industry for the past 50+ years and prides itself in having high-quality, well-made furnishings that won't create a massive hole in your pocket.

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What is the best quality brand of furniture?

The overall top brand of furniture when it comes to quality is Boca Do Lodo. However, Castlery has more variety and is slightly more affordable. If you're interested in eco-friendly design, Arhaus is one of the best furniture brands with a low footprint.

Who makes the best high-end furniture?

Here are some of the top high-end furniture makers for different design styles:

West Elm: Reliable Mid Century designs

Burrow: Modular, practical furniture

Serena & Lily: Modern Mediterranean

Kelly Wearstler: Maximalism

Floyd Home: Minimalism

Honorable mentions: Restoration Hardware, Castlery, Williams Sonoma, and Fendi Casa.

What's the most expensive furniture brand?

Boca do Lobo is the most expensive furniture brand. Each item is handcrafted in Portugal to encourage sensational experiences when clients interact with the products. Considered by many as the best luxury furniture brand due to its personally crafted unique items, Boca do Lobo products are definitely worth the investment.

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