Dusk vs The White Company: Which Bedding is Best?

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A blissful night's sleep begins with the perfect bedding. In the world of luxury bed linen brands, two names that stand out for their dedication to quality and comfort are Dusk and The White Company. If you're in search of the most exquisite bedding to give you the best night's sleep, you're in the right place.

Join us as we unravel the distinctive features, materials, and craftsmanship that define Dusk and The White Company, helping you make the dreamiest choice for your bedroom. Your path to bedtime bliss begins here, with the Slingo lifestyle blog.

A Brief History of Dusk and The White Company

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Dusk is a rapidly emerging bed linen brand that's quickly gained a reputation for its commitment to luxurious comfort and quality.

Born in the UK, Dusk embarked on its journey with a clear goal: to redefine the concept of a restful night's sleep. From the outset, the brand has been dedicated to crafting premium bedding that effortlessly blends style, comfort, and excellence.

This commitment is evident in Dusk's meticulous attention to detail, where only the finest materials are used to create each product. The Mayfair collection (one of the brand's bestsellers), for example, is both classic and versatile, featuring pillowcases and duvet covers crafted from 400 thread-count Egyptian cotton with a satin-like finish.

The White Company

The White Company is a renowned British brand with a rich history that extends over a quarter-century. Founded by Chrissie Rucker in 1994, the brand began as a small business primarily offering white homewares, such as candles, table linens, and hand soap.

Rucker's vision was simple yet revolutionary: to create a lifestyle brand focused on timeless design and uncompromising quality. Over the years, The White Company has become a beloved name in the world of home decor and bedding, known for its elegant, predominantly white collections that embody simplicity, splendour, and comfort.

With a commitment to using the finest materials and scrupulous attention to detail, The White Company has expanded its product line to include a wide range of bedding essentials, like pristine sheets, cosy duvets and plump pillows.

Dusk Bedding vs White Company - Which Bedding Will You Choose?

Whether you're seeking classic quality or contemporary comfort, this blog will be your guide in determining which bedding collection deserves pride of place in your bedroom, making each night a luxurious retreat.

We've broken down the two brands into popular categories so you can make an informed decision. Whether you desire Egyptian cotton bedding, a high thread count, or pure linen bedding at the top of your wishlist, you’re sure to find the bedding of your dreams from one of these brands.


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Dusk bedding is synonymous with unmatched softness and cosiness. They are crafted from the finest materials, including Egyptian cotton and high-quality sateen weave, to give a gentle, silky touch.

Each thread of a Dusk duvet cover is meticulously chosen for its plushness, ensuring that every night spent wrapped in their bedding is a luxurious, cloud-like experience. With Dusk, you'll discover a world of softness that promises the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, night after night.

The White Company

The White Company bedding is renowned for its crisp white bedding that offers exceptional softness. Crafted from high-end materials like Egyptian cotton, premium linen, flannel bedding, and silk bedding, each piece is designed to cocoon you in a gentle embrace.

The fabrics are carefully chosen for their plush, breathable, and smooth textures, ensuring a blissful night's sleep. The popular Santorini collection is made from a smooth 200-thread count pure cotton percale, highlighting the brand's commitment to quality.

With The White Company, you'll experience a level of softness that transforms your bed into a sanctuary of comfort and elegance, inviting you to unwind and drift into a peaceful sleep night after night.

Dusk score: 9.1/10

The White Company score: 9.5/10

Ease of care

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Dusk understands the importance of making bedding that’s easy to maintain. The majority of their bedding collections are machine washable, so it's incredibly straightforward to keep your linens fresh.

Follow the care instructions provided with each product, and you can maintain the pristine quality of your bedding without the hassle of intricate cleaning routines. Their dedication to convenience means you can enjoy the sumptuous comfort of Dusk bedding with minimal effort.

The brand even has a comprehensive bedding care guide, which allows you to enjoy the luxury of Dusk bedding without the hassle of complicated cleaning routines, ensuring that everything from their French linen to Egyptian cotton bedding remains as clean as it is comfortable.

The White Company

The White Company bedding is designed with convenience in mind. Most of their bedding options are machine washable, making maintenance a breeze. Simply follow the care instructions provided, and you can easily keep your linens looking fresh and pristine. They also have a full bed linen care guide, so you can keep everything from your linen sheets to your double duvet set looking brand new for years to come.

This practicality allows you to enjoy the luxury of The White Company bedding without the hassle of complicated cleaning routines, so you can rest easy knowing your bedding is well taken care of.

Dusk score: 8.3/10

The White Company score: 8.6/10

Value for money

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Dusk has an assortment of options to suit different budgets while maintaining a commitment to quality and luxury. Prices for Dusk bedding can vary depending on factors such as the collection, materials, and size. For example, a pair of pillowcases starts at around £20, and single duvet covers start at around £35.

Generally, you can expect to invest in a premium bedding experience that provides excellent value for the quality you receive.

Dusk's dedication to affordable luxury ensures that you can enjoy the indulgence of high-quality bedding that's worth the money, making it an attractive choice for those seeking comfort and sophistication within a reasonable price range.

The White Company

The White Company offers a myriad of bedding options to cater to various budgets and preferences. While prices may vary based on factors such as the collection, materials, and size, The White Company is known for providing high-quality bedding at competitive and accessible price points. A single pillowcase starts at around £8, and a single duvet cover starts at around £40.

You can expect to invest in bedding that offers a balance of luxury and affordability, allowing you to indulge in the comfort and elegance of premium linens without an extortionate price tag. The White Company's commitment to value ensures that you can transform your bedroom into a place of pure style and comfort without overspending, making it an appealing choice for those seeking quality bedding that's a worthwhile investment.

Dusk score: 8.8/10

The White Company score: 8.9/10


A pair of white hands resting on a white duvet cover in the daytime


Dusk bedding epitomises exceptional quality and comfort. Their linens often feature a high thread count, typically ranging from 300 to 600 threads per square inch, ensuring a soft, durable, and smooth texture.

Dusk uses premium materials like Egyptian cotton and sateen weave, renowned for their luxurious feel and breathability. Their meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship result in bedding that exhibits a refined finish while offering you the ultimate sanctuary for peaceful and restful nights.

The White Company

The White Company bedding is synonymous with exceptional quality. Their linens often feature high thread counts, typically ranging from 200 to 600 threads per square inch, for optimal cosiness and durability. They use premium materials, including 100 per cent Egyptian cotton and linen, known for their softness, breathability, and longevity.

The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in each piece result in linens that are not only sumptuously soft but also beautifully finished, adding an extra layer of elegance to your bedroom.

Dusk score: 9.5/10

The White Company score: 9.7/10


A freshly made bed with white pillows and a white duvet cover. In the left hand corner is a bedside table with a phone and a lamp on top


Dusk is committed to ethical practices and sustainability. They source their materials responsibly, often opting for organic and sustainably grown cotton, which reduces environmental impact.

Dusk is transparent about its supply chain and manufacturing processes, ensuring fair labour practices and no involvement with sweatshops. Their dedication to ethical sourcing and sustainable materials means that when you choose Dusk bedding, you can rest easy knowing you're making an environmentally conscious and socially responsible choice while enjoying the utmost comfort and quality in your bedding.

The White Company

The White Company places a strong emphasis on ethical practices throughout their brand. They are committed to sustainability, sourcing materials responsibly, and reducing their environmental footprint.

Many of their linens use organic cotton, ensuring a more eco-friendly approach. The brand maintains transparency in its supply chain and manufacturing processes, ensuring fair labour practices and no involvement with sweatshops. You can have confidence in your The White Company purchase, knowing that it’s sustainable and ethically sourced while offering exceptional quality and comfort for your bedroom.

Dusk score: 9.8/10

The White Company score: 9.4/10

Final scores

A woman lying in bed, stretching her arms over her head. She’s under a white duvet with four white pillows under her.

Dusk: 45.5/50

The White Company: 46.1/50

Both brands offer exquisite bedding options that have the power to transform your bedroom into a haven of rest and relaxation. Yet, in this extremely close race, The White Company emerges as the victor.

The White Company's bedding enchants with its exceptional softness, meticulous craftsmanship, and longevity. Their extensive range of options allows you to select linens that perfectly align with your preferences and needs, all while ensuring a restful night's sleep enveloped in the lap of luxury.

Dusk, on the other hand, does not fall far behind, boasting plush comfort and quality materials that promise nights of serene slumber. Their dedication to ethical practices and sustainability adds an extra layer of appeal to their offerings.

Add to your luxury bedding collection with help from Slingo

In the end, the choice between Dusk and The White Company hinges on the finer details of your bedding preferences. Whichever brand you choose, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable and stylish bedroom retreat.

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Is White Company bedding good?

Yes, The White Company is well-regarded for its high-quality bedding. Many customers and reviewers have praised the brand for its soft, comfortable, and durable bedding products, some saying it has the best Egyptian cotton bedding.

The brand pays attention to details in both design and craftsmanship. Their commitment to quality and luxury has earned them a positive reputation among those seeking elegant and comfortable bedding options.

Where is Dusk bedding manufactured?

Dusk bedding is primarily manufactured in Portugal, with exceptions. For example, their mattresses are made in Yorkshire, UK. For specific items, it's best to contact Dusk's customer service. Checking with the company directly will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the origin of their bedding products.

Where is White Company bedding made?

The White Company bedding products are manufactured in a variety of locations. The company sources its products from around the world, including Portugal, Italy, and other regions known for their expertise in textile production.

The specific manufacturing location varies depending on the type of bedding and its materials. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the origin of a particular bedding product from The White Company, it's best to refer to their official website or contact their customer service for details.

Is The White Company a luxury brand?

Yes, The White Company is considered to be a luxury brand. The company is known for its high-quality products, attention to detail, and commitment to providing a luxurious shopping experience.

Their offerings include premium bedding, clothing, home decor, and fragrances, all of which are designed to reflect a sense of elegance, simplicity, and sophistication. While they may offer products at various price points to cater to a range of customers, their reputation for quality and a focus on premium materials and craftsmanship places them in the category of luxury brands in the retail industry.



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