Super 7's Slot Game Review

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Today we are celebrating the traditional and classic slot action games of Super 7’s online slot machine in this review. The only Super 7’s slot online was created by the wonderful creators down at Pragmatic Play. Their hard work put together a fantastic 5-reel by the 5-row slot machine. 

Super 7's Slot Game 

In this classic game of the Super 7's slot UK, the players come across traditional slot icons, symbols and bonuses. The player will be trying to hunt down all 7’s lines while working to achieve any other matching symbol they can. There are no additional features on this traditional fruit machine meaning that the Super 7's slot online is ideal for the OG slot fans. To find out more about this magnificent game keep reading on in this Super 7's slot review to find out more. 

Theme & Symbols

As stated the Super 7's slot UK is a traditional slot machine so it isn't themed on anything special but the traditional slot machine feel. You will be seeing symbols that you are used to such as all the fruit, pears, blueberries, cherries, and of course that row of important 7s. 

The Basics: How to Play Super 7's Online Slot


To begin the Super 7’s online slot, you need to load up the game at The time slot on your chosen system or mobile slot device. Like the theme of the game, getting started with the Super 7’s slot is incredibly simple, customizable, and only takes a few clicks to get started.

  • The player will need to be aware of the valued symbols and successful combination strategies. The info button comes in incredibly useful as one of three buttons in the bottom left corners, is hidden under the paytable and game rules. 
  • This area also has useful buttons that will take the player to the settings page. Both ambient music and classic but fun sound effects can be turned on or off. The player can decide if they need to put the Super 7’s slot UK in to power saver mode too. There is also a link to the game history and bet adjusters. 
  • The sound can also be controlled using the final and third buttons from the bottom of the screen. To make it louder or quieter, you simply adjust the metre. 
  • Displays for your total balance and current bet are located next to these buttons. To switch different views of credit (Coin or credit) the player will click here. In either case, its crucial knowledge for creating and maintaining the player's budget. The budget is a way to make sure you start chasing losses or taking on more risks than the player can handle. Before choosing your set and acknowledging the bet be sure to make sure it's set and right. 
  • Use the “+” and “-” symbols located at the right of the spin button to determine your wager. Of course the “-” decrease the wager whereas the “+” increases the wager. You can also modify your wager per line in the opening window if you need to.  
  • Once you are happy with your wager, all that's left to do is click the spin button to set the reels in motion.  

Super 7's Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Super 7’s slot UK has a theoretical return to player rate of 96.5% which sits just admirably high given the game's typical and traditional design. It does have a medium to high variance, which could make for some trepidation in more careful games. The 96.5% RTP puts this slot just above the market average. The minimum wager possible on the Super 7’s online is £0.05 whereas the maximum bet that can be placed in an impressive £100. 

Super 7's Bonus Features


Knowing that a slot machine will traditionally play with a 5-by-5 interface of paylines it is a good indication that will be kept straightforward and this is no exception. The Super 7’s slot machine follows that traditional feel by presenting the player with the same layout and the same ways to win. Play this slot machine as normal but it won't take away from that fun and energetic feel. 

We have seen countless fruit machines in the past slot machine history. But some of them are entirely retro in style and are a throwback to the heydays of land based slots. While others attempt to shake things up with more and more complicated twists, the Super 7’s slot machine keeps it the same and doesn't try to make it too complicated. A welcoming variation from the standard beeps and whirs we typically hear in fruit machines is the soundtrack which is usually upbeat and interesting. It is evident that the games creator, Pragmatic Play, has worked hard to echo that nostalgic feel. 

Play Super 7's Online on Slingo

If this Super 7’s slot review has interested you, yes you the reader, then head down to to give the machine ago yourself. Of course, this is a traditional slot machine with its fun and interesting classical feel, so if you want to revisit these classics or want to see where it all started, give the Super 7’s slot a try..

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