Black Ice Slot Game Review

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Welcome to the Black Ice slot machine! Black Ice as we all know is dangerous but despite its name, the Black Ice slot in the UK is more than capable of providing endless entertainment, which doesn't include people slipping over.

Black Ice Slot Game

Black Ice slot provides a chilling environment with its icy blue caved wallpaper and frozen crystal symbols. The Black Ice slot provides its Black Ice slot free spins and many other features and bonus slots gamers will find enjoyable. The slot features the Antarctic, spiked icy caverns and even stalagmites making the player feel the old itself. However, let's stay warm for now and check out what the slot machine has to offer.

Theme & Symbols

The Black Ice slot is themed after a grand adventure into the antarctic with caves glistening with bright blue black ice sculptures. The Black Ice slot is supposed to feel like a hazardous adventure game alongside its fun and interesting symbols. Symbols provided are gemstones of the greatest kind, hearts, emeralds, rubies, diamonds and many more are waiting for those who venture closer to the Black Ice Cave depths. The slot comes with additional Wilds, creating a familiar vibe for those who are veteran slot gamers.  

The Basics: How to Play Black Ice Online Slot


To play the Black Ice slot load the game at on your chosen device. Before going on a perilous journey into the Black Ice slot game, players must know how to play the slot machine first. Let's begin by explaining its interface and what you can expect when playing through the Black Ice online slot. The interface as stated is made up of five reels and three rows. All key information on changing wagers, spinning and balance are all clearly labelled in the slot machine. To alter those values the player will need to click on either the “+” or the “-” symbols to alter the wager. Once completed the player can initiate the Black Ice slot game by clicking the “Spin” button, setting the reels in motion. The reels will stop automatically starting from left to right, in the same order they started in. The player will then be rewarded with the payouts of winnings or will complete bonuses/features that may occur. All payouts are made in accordance with the paytable. If the player is unsuccessful, however, then they will need to readjust their wager using the same method and click spin again. 

Black Ice Slot RTP & Wager Limits

The Black Ice slot UK has a theoretical return to player rate of 95.06% making this slot a little below the market average, meaning that achieving payouts could be a little bit of a challenge. The Black Ice slot also has a medium volatility rate, however, making it suitable to players of most skill  levels. The minimum a player can bet on the Black Ice online slot is 20p, whereas the maximum amount is £200 making casual and serious play possible. 

Black Ice Bonus Features


Despite its high-tech appearance, the Black Ice slot bonuses are pretty straightforward and are as follows:

Wild Symbols 

The diamond symbol is a wild symbol that can be used to build winning combinations on the 5x3 reels. There can be up  to eight stacked high wilds on the reach reels at the beginning of each spin, but this is a once-in-a-while occurrence.

Free Re-spins

This is the Black Ice slot’s version of a free spins bonus round. All non-wild symbols used in a win are converted to wilds as part of the free re-spin bonus. These new wilds are then added to the reels, awarding a free re-spin. While a chain reaction from this bonus is possible, it's quite uncommon so if you retrigger the bonus once, consider yourself a winner!

Play Black Ice Online on Slingo

Think you can conquer the Black Ice slot UK, then head down to, sign up for free and try it for yourself. With its interesting bonuses chilling features, symbols and vibes this slot machine has it all. The Black Ice slot can be played and accessed through either a computer for home play or on the go with the Black Ice mobile slot game available on all smartphone devices.

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