The Best Luxury Cat Hotels in the UK

Best Luxury Cat Hotels UK
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Leaving your kitty behind when going on holiday can be heartbreaking and stressful, but knowing that your baby is well cared for and in a safe and comfortable place can really put your mind at ease.

Luxury cat hotels are the purr-fect option. This way, your little one can have a holiday too and will indeed be treated like royalty. However, if you want to look for cat-friendly accommodation, there are also loads of options out there. Check out our lifestyle news for more details and inspiration.

Here are some of the best catteries; your feline friend is in for a treat and a luxurious stay!

Here are 10 of the Best Luxury Cat Hotels in the UK

1. Longcroft Cat Hotel - Welwyn Garden City

Longcroft Cat Hotel first opened its doors in 2010 in Welwyn Garden City. The owner launched this luxury hotel as she struggled to find a fantastic cattery for her own little cat Norman and wanted to create a wonderful space for cats.

It has been a major success, and she has since opened more Longcroft franchise hotels in the South East and across London. All bedroom suites have been individually decorated and come with wrought iron designer cat beds.

Your cat will experience true comfort and will feel right at home; they are offered grooming services, gourmet menus, and have their own choice of music. And staff members of the hotel will come in and keep your little one entertained throughout the day!

Your cat’s stay will be arranged around its well-being and your peace of mind. It is no wonder that it is a five-star stay! Your cat will be treated in the best way possible, and everything will be at the highest standard.

Top tip: Book early to avoid disappointment as the rooms get booked up very early. Longcroft welcomes all cats needing medication, those on special diets, and those needing extra love and attention.

They will happily take in kittens and older cats - they will go the extra mile to look after your baby's needs. And no need to worry if you have more than one cat; their suites can fit up to six cats from the same little family!

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2. Hotel Cat - Hampshire

Hotel Cat can be found in Sway, in the New Forest. The hotel is lavish, comfortable, spacious, and up to a high standard. They have eight suites on offer and can promise that your kitty will have the best one-on-one service during their stay.

They take the time to bond with your cat, let it feel at home and get to know what its needs are. They will also keep you updated throughout your baby's stay - this way, you'll know how they are doing and that they are in good hands!

Hotel Cat is about an hour and a half drive away from London, and they offer a cat chauffeur service.

The suites are very spacious; they come with a TV, fine feline dining, a bed, climbing furniture, and much more. You can also Skype call your baby when you miss them!

Hotel Cat treats their feline guests like royalty, ensures they always have plenty to do, and makes them feel at home during a stress-free stay!

3. The Furs Cat Hotel - Aberdeenshire

Found in North East Scotland, The Furs Cat Hotel is an excellent choice. Your cat is in for an exciting, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday. All of their suites have wrought iron beds, underfloor heating, and loads of room for playing and exercise.

The Furs is a five-star luxury cat hotel run by a family, and they just love cats! You can find them in Aberdeenshire. They have ten suites on offer and will ensure that your feline is pampered and that all of their needs are cared for.

They have a vast menu and stock all popular brands, but if your baby is on a special diet, it would be best to bring your own food. They are in the process of creating a spa menu, so soon, your kitty can indulge in pure relaxation.

You can't go wrong with this amazing hotel; your cat will be happier than ever!

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4. Bradgate View - Leicester

Bradgate is small and very exclusive, but this merely means that your cat will get special attention and the care it truly deserves. Found in Charnwood, in the village of Thurcaston, Bradgate is ideally located and surrounded by the most beautiful views.

There are sunbathing platforms for those kitties that want to snooze and laze around or activity centres and toys for those busy bees who want to play. All of the rooms are clean, well-insulated, comfortable, and safe.

Your cat will be well cared for and will have everything it may need to feel right at home. Each room also comes with a play area, comfortable bed, and enough room to play and explore

5. Leigh Luxury - Lancashire

Leigh Luxury has been voted cattery of the year for several years in a row now, so you've hit the jackpot with this gem! Each cat pen is spacious, heated, and includes scratch posts, tunnels, and toys.

Your cat will need to be fully vaccinated to stay here, and they are sure to be groomed, looked after, fed, and given a whole lot of love and affection. You can opt for the cat hotel or the luxury lodge, which is much bigger and more luxurious.

6. Lakeside Luxury Cattery - Cheshire

Lakeside Luxury Cattery is located in Cheshire, and they make sure that your kitty feels comfortable, relaxed, and right at home from the start. They have three blocks of cat suites, all of high quality and set up to be as relaxing and peaceful as possible.

The suites have large climbing frames, panoramic windows, beds, blankets, scratching posts and various toys to keep them busy. All of the suites have stunning views of the lake, with loads of wildlife visiting throughout the day and beautiful sunsets in the evenings.

Your cat will be well looked after, have frequent health checks, and is truly in for a treat of a holiday!

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7. Catseye Cattery - East Lothian

Catseye Cattery has been operating since 2010 and can proudly promote itself as a five-star cattery. They promise first-class care; the team will ensure that your cat is happy, eating, and feels comfortable.

The team is happy to assist if your cat has any special needs. They focus on individual care and ensure that your cat has enough toys to keep entertained and that they receive enough love.

All rooms come with a double-glazed window and are heated; the rooms are at the perfect temperature all year round. The rooms also have a small outdoor area where your kitty can play. They have twin rooms for two cats and family rooms, perfect if you have two or more cats!

The hotel is clean, spacious, and secure - you will be able to relax knowing that your kitty is being well cared for - it truly is a lovely place!

8. Clyde Valley Cat Hotel - Lanarkshire

Clyde Valley is a beautiful cattery in Lanarkshire, in the spectacular Clyde Valley. The hotel is small and exclusive, so your kitty will get the attention and care they deserve. Clyde Valley is run by a family and is the perfect home away from home.

All of the suites have been individually decorated and are heated. There are ten suites to choose from, and since it is a small hotel, they will have plenty of time to care for your cat and give it that extra special attention.

The rooms are secure, clean, and very comfortable. They offer different cat foods, both wet and dry, and a fine dining menu to treat your kitty. They sure will have the purr-fect holiday!

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9. Hilltop Boutique Cattery - Cheshire

Hilltop Boutique is all about luxury; your cat will be getting the best of the best. They work hard to keep your cat happy and comfortable. All of their rooms are spacious, have stunning views, and come with some fun toys to keep your baby busy.

The cattery is in Helsby, Cheshire and is peaceful and tranquil. The rooms are fully equipped and come with litter trays, feeding stations, sensory toys, and scratching posts. They also have hammocks or igloos for your cat to lounge in.

They offer daily health checks, quality nutrition, safety, and comfort throughout the whole stay.

10. Kernow Cat Hotel - Cornwall

Go big or go home; Kernow Cat Hotel offers the largest suites around. Your cat will be living lavishly; the suites are super-sized, cosy, comfortable, and made to feel like home. Your cat will be given loads of attention, and the team will ensure that all of its needs are met.

Kernow understands that your kitty is part of the family and deserves a holiday just as special as yours, so they will make sure that your cat is comfortable, well-fed, entertained and feels right at home.

It is important to note that there are dogs on-site, but they are kept separate from the kitties!

11. The Paddocks - Lancashire

The Paddocks has been around since 2019 and can be found in Whitestake, Preston. Their cat accommodation is spacious and clean, and all rooms have been designed to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible for your feline friend.

The rooms boast stunning views, have the most comfortable beds, and have various hiding places, hammocks, a TV, and climbing towers to keep your baby happy and entertained.

The best part? All rooms have a webcam, so you can check in on your kitty whenever you like to say hello and see how it is doing.

The Best Luxury Dog-Friendly Hotels The UK Has To Offer!

The Best Luxury Dog-Friendly Hotels The UK Has To Offer!

The team at The Paddocks takes the time to understand every cat's needs so that they can have the best stay possible. Your cat will be given loads of attention, fed well, and will be safe at all times.


What makes a good cattery?

Firstly, a good cattery will have welcoming, loving, and enthusiastic owners. The cattery should have outdoor and indoor space, and there should be plenty of room for your cat to make itself comfortable.

A good cattery will be warm and squeaky clean, good hygiene is essential, and ensure that the cats are not all placed in one big room; this could be problematic.

Do cats get bored in a cattery?

No, not usually. The cattery owners always ensure that the cat is busy or has something to do. They highly recommended bringing some of your cat's favourite toys from home to keep them entertained and comfortable.

Some hotel cat rooms also come with tunnels, toys, and loads of other things to keep them busy.

Will a cat hotel take a cat with cat flu?

No, they won't. Cat flu is highly contagious, and there is no way that they can stop any other cat in the cattery from catching it.

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Final Thoughts

For every cat owner, leaving your feline baby behind when you go on holiday is generally stressful, and you are bound to feel bad. But sometimes we have no choice.

A luxury cat hotel is a perfect solution; your furry family members will enjoy a holiday too and will be thoroughly cared for. You can also enjoy your holiday more knowing that your kitty is in good hands.

Typically, a luxury cat hotel is run by cat lovers and by someone who is animal welfare trained, so there is no doubt that your cat will be treated like royalty, get endless cuddles, and be cared for just as well as they would be at home!

Or, if you’re hoping to find luxury dog hotels in the UK for your pooch, be sure to take a look at our guide.

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