10 Luxury Dog Hotels In The UK

Luxury Dog Hotels UK
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Leaving your pet behind while on holiday can be a traumatic experience for both pet owners and their pets. But, various luxury dog hotels in the United Kingdom will welcome your pet with open arms while providing you with peace of mind.

We've compiled a list of the most incredible luxury dog hotels and kennels, so you can rest easy knowing your pet is being taken care of.

If you'd rather take your dog on holiday with you, check out our lifestyle news for more travel ideas, including dog-friendly hotels.

Discover luxury dog hotels and kennels in the UK

1- Essex Pooch Palace, Wickford

The Essex Pooch Palace is a five-star dog boarding kennel, dog spa, and luxury dog boutique located in Essex. Ten hotel rooms or pods for your pet are entirely equipped with central heating, a couch, and a beautiful chandelier for your pet to relax in.

You can treat your dog to an exquisite spa and grooming treatments while staying at this luxury dog boarding hotel. All of the employees at the spa at the Essex Pooch Palace are professionally trained, so your dogs will be in excellent care.

A doggie cinema has been added to the luxurious amenities of the dog boarding hotel's guests. If your dog has a favourite movie, you are welcome to bring it here for them to watch after their spa treatment or after their daily walks on the hotel's exclusive farm grounds.

2- Hurworth Burn, Durham

This luxury pet hotel is located in a beautiful rural setting. They have a six-acre field subdivided into distinct areas to ensure that their devoted team can care for different types of dogs. This provides the security of being able to walk your dogs either off lead or on a leash, depending on your choices and your dog's specific needs.

The luxury dog hotel has been planned and built to exacting standards, offering pets an enjoyable and sanitary environment. Their opulent accommodations and rooms feature wide, fully-covered outside runs.

Durham County Council has rated them five stars, and they serve all dog and cat breeds. In addition, they accommodate dogs with impairments and wheelchairs. There are daily walks, lots of exercise on the expansive grounds, and grooming services for your favourite dog.

A staff member always accompanies your dogs to ensure they have a good time and get plenty of interaction. They have rigorous standards, such as avoiding mixing dogs from different families, so you can ensure your dog will be secure while staying there.

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3 - Canine Country Club, Chesterfield

This charming luxury dog hotel can be found close to Matlock and Ashby, on the fringes of the Peak District National Park. Your dog will love the 14 different-sized rooms, each with underfloor heating.

If you have more than one dog and want to bring them all to the Canine Country Club, you may do so with up to three from the same family. The hotel will provide supervised playtime for your dogs, during which they will have the chance to play with a range of toys that the hotel provides.

When you board your dogs at Canine Country Club, you can rest easy knowing that they are all covered by comprehensive insurance. They will contact a veterinarian immediately if your pet gets sick while there, and the veterinarian will provide treatment for your pet.

Due to the possibility of last-minute cancellations, the Canine Country Club asks for a deposit that is not refundable in terms of the total cost. Your dog will be treated like royalty and given excellent care while a guest at this five-star luxury dog hotel.

4 - No More Kennels

One of the most opulent boarding kennels, No More Kennels has up to forty different, individually decorated rooms of varying sizes to accommodate large or small canine breeds. The larger apartments are allocated for many dogs from the same family, while smaller rooms are available for pets as their own space.

The fact that No More Kennels has an entire menu designed just for dogs is the defining characteristic that sets it apart from competing luxury dog hotels. Pamper your dog with a treat from the Dawgserts menu; Yappitizers include a cold meat platter, and Hungry Hounds meals include bangers and mash.

It would help if you also considered making an appointment for your dog to go to the groomer for spa treatments. Your dog will have the opportunity to engage in several social interactions while playing in the outside play area, the indoor nursery, and the hotel's living room.

No More Kennels offers care around the clock to guarantee that every puppy boarding with them receives the proper attention and care they need during their stay.

5- Country Dog Hotel and Spa, Somerset

You'll find this country-style luxury dog hotel at the height of the Quantock Hills in Somerset on a sprawling estate that spans 880 acres. You can select one of their many various package holidays, including one that is referred to as the Very Important Dog (VID) package.

The Old Georgian structure has 18 guest rooms, and each of the canines will have its own private room and an adjacent private run. There is no need for your dogs to be kept apart from the other pets in the home. The Country Dog Hotel will provide bedding; however, if you wish to give your dogs the impression of being at home, you should bring their own bedding from home.

A stringent set of guidelines governs the luxury dog hotel. Before being allowed to make a reservation, dog owners must prove that their canine companion has had all necessary vaccinations and present the vaccination card for their pet. Every dog owner and their pet are expected to participate in a meet-and-greet at the Country Dog Hotel.

There is also the option of a trial stay at the hotel for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. The luxury dog hotel will provide your pet with a bed and a sofa so that they may stay in the same room as you. If you are worried about how your dog may respond, doggie daycare can be a fantastic alternative for you.

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6- Woof n' Tails, South Wales

You will find the luxury dog hotel known as Woof n Tales in the centre of the Rhondda valley in South Wales. The property encompasses two acres, which is plenty of space for your cherished canine companion to run free, socialise with other dogs, and work up a sweat simultaneously.

Each dog will have their own cosy little bedroom at Woof N Tales luxury dog hotel, where it will have the option of sleeping on a couch or a bed. Be sure that your dogs have received all of their vaccinations and have a microchip.

What do you think of a pool party for your dog? The indoor swimming pool at Wood N Tails is heated, and the establishment often throws pool parties for patrons' canine companions to enjoy. Don't get too worked up over the fact that your puppies can't swim just yet. Swimming lessons are something that all of the canine guests at Woof N Tails get!

Besides the indoor heated swimming pool, facilities include:

  • A pamper room.
  • Two huge outside play spaces.
  • The additional luxuries of the spacious family house.

7- Berwick Boarding Kennels, South Wales

The Berwick Boarding Kennels are a top-notch luxury boarding facility situated close to one of the most breathtaking stretches of the Millennium Coastal Trail.

The luxury dog hotel includes day, short-term, and long-term boarding services. Each dog has its own private kennel area inside the facility, and boarding may be customised to include any or all of these amenities. In addition, Berwick's Barking Beauties provides dog grooming services on site.

There is just one pricing structure available, and it does not matter what size or type of dog you have. Special savings are also available for clients with more than one dog. The kennels provide everything necessary for a dog to have an enjoyable stay, including food, bedding, warmth at night, and plenty of walks.

The luxury dog hotel guarantees that all of your pet's needs are met in one place. They have been licenced by the Carmarthenshire Animal Health Board and Cliverton Insurance to be used as dog kennels. Check to see whether your dog has been vaccinated for kennel cough and that they are current on their vaccinations.

Insured and supervised 24/7, your pets will be cared for while you are away. Running about the playground with their new friends and having a great time will be a lot of fun for your dog!

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The Best Luxury Dog-Friendly Hotels The UK Has To Offer!

8- Millin Brook Luxury Dog Boarding, Pembrokeshire

Millin Brook Luxury Dog Boarding is a family-run company that has won several awards and is located in the lovely countryside of Pembrokeshire. They provide five-star holidays for dogs and are known for their exceptional care.

Millin Brook provides the ideal holiday experience for your dogs. Your dogs will enjoy mornings filled with walks in the countryside or playing with the owner's family and other guests in the fully fenced, 10 acres of meadows. Your pooches get to visit some of the best beaches and evenings spent resting well and dreaming of tomorrow's fun and adventures.

Within this luxury dog hotel, guests will have the opportunity to stay in suites that are generous in size and include glass fronts, named after beaches in the Pembrokeshire area.

Each of the suites is equipped with a CCTV system that is connected to our on-site residence, an automated water drinker, a thermostatically regulated central heating system, separate places for sleeping and running, and separate sleeping and run areas. In addition, an integrated sound system is located throughout that plays soothing music.

9- Elm Tree Pet Hotel, London

The Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel is a new and innovative approach to animal boarding that is contemporary and distinctive. Their luxury dog facilities have been designed to provide unrivalled comfort and the best possible standards of animal care.

These pet hotels are located in Enfield and are rated some of the best in Britain. The gardens, rooms, and recreational amenities, including a gym and grooming facility, make this a luxury pet hotel worthy of the term.

The facilities include:

  • Grooming Salon & Spa
  • Online Pet Watch (Webcam Kennel)
  • A Collection and Delivery Service Conducted by a Chauffeur
  • Fully Stocked and Furnished Indoor Gym
  • Hikes in the Woods and Forests
  • Individual Spaces Devoted to Recreation and Resting
  • Fully Equipped with Radiant Floor Heating - Climate-Controlled (warm in the winter and cool in the summer)

There is always someone there to help your pooch, no matter the time of day or night.

10- Glyntawel Luxury Dog Boarding and Pet Hotel, Bridgend

Opening in 2015, the Glyntawel Luxury Dog Boarding & Pet Hotel quickly established itself as a market leader when it first opened its doors in 2015. The team members have all been chosen because of their enthusiasm, concern, and affection for your pets.

It is the epitome of a real luxury getaway in the countryside, set against the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding hills, tucked away in a valley. Natural woodlands, streams, and a swimming pool are spread throughout the four acres of privately owned and guarded territory.

You are free to unwind with the assurance that your VID (Very Important Dog) is being cared for in a setting that is both secure and filled with affection.

The retreat has numerous play spaces; the main "Dog House" barn, which has a functioning wood-burning fire and settees, provides a warm, friendly, secure, and peaceful interior setting and many opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure.

Before boarding your dog

Before putting your dog in a boarding facility, you'll want to ensure you have all the necessary information.


Contact your vet to make sure that your pet is completely vaccinated. Most pet care facilities require proof of vaccination to safeguard your pet's health and the other canines in the facility.

Proper identification

Ensure that all of your contact details are up to date. Ensure that your dog has a microchip and is easily identifiable. Although it is uncommon for frightened dogs to escape from a hotel or boarding facility, it is considerably safer if your pet is microchipped and has up-to-date contact information.

Crate training

Start crate training your beloved pooch. If your pup has never stayed in a kennel before, they might find it stressful. Crate training is an easier way to ensure your dog gets used to spending their nights in a luxury dog hotel.

Pack their favourite things

Packing your dog's favourite toys, treats and food will help make their stay at the luxury dog hotel easier. Pack a blanket; this wilt smell like home for your pup, making their stay a little easier.

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13 Luxury Dog-Friendly Cottages The Lake District Has To Offer


Does dog boarding cost a lot?

Similar to how you would book a hotel for yourself, your dog's booking procedure and prices are based on the calendar date. Depending on the policies of the luxury dog hotel, early or late pick-up may or may not affect the cost of your pup's stay, so be sure to inquire before scheduling your pet's stay.

How can I get my dog ready for his first-time boarding?

Before boarding a dog with separation anxiety, further preparation is required. It might be quite beneficial to spend time at the new dog hotel adapting and getting to know the personnel. Choose dog facilities that let you bring your dog there for a trial visit and are willing to take the extra time your dog needs to feel more at ease.

If time allows, consider beginning with doggie daycare. This will let your pet get used to leaving home and being away from you while also interacting with the staff without staying overnight.

Is it cruel to confine dogs to boarding kennels?

Kennels aren't for every dog, particularly if they suffer from separation anxiety and don't like being apart from their owners. In these situations, you may want to look at options like pet daycare or in-home boarding instead of a luxury dog hotel.

Are the spa treatments safe for my dogs?

The services that your dog will get at the spa fall under grooming. You can take your dog to the groomer to have a haircut, get his nails clipped, or give him a thorough wash and de-shedding. Therefore, the treatments at the spa are risk-free for your canine companions.

Final thoughts

While you're away on vacation, your dogs will have a great time and be appropriately cared for at one of these five-star dog hotels. Specific guidelines for each luxury dog hotel must be adhered to. Ensure to inquire about the facility's rules and the services that are specially tailored to your dog's needs.


Discover pet-friendly accommodation across the UK

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