Top 12 List Of Designer Jeans Brands

Top Designer Jeans Brands
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Jeans are a staple part of most wardrobes. They're one of the most popular clothing items in the world and have been for more than a hundred years. Naturally, this means that designer brands have long offered their own unique takes on this classic item.

Our top designer jeans brands list is the latest addition to the Slingo lifestyle blog. We're going to take a look at the 12 best designer brands that are producing luxury denim today. With so much versatility on offer, we're certain there'll be a brand that strikes a chord with you.

1) Luca Faloni

Luca Faloni is a denim brand based in Italy. It uses the highest quality materials to craft stylish jeans with classic silhouettes. The premium denim used by Luca Faloni comes from Padua. This mill has been making textiles since 1887 and clearly knows what it's doing.

The brand's luxury jeans have a natural stretch achieved using 100% mid-weight cotton. This means that Luca Faloni's denim collection is as comfortable as it is classy.

Luca Faloni offers dark and light blue jeans with slightly tapered fits. There are four different pocket profiles for a simple and elegant look. This is one of the best denim brands if you're looking for medium-aged, stonewashed jeans with plenty of style.

You can try pairing their jeans with a linen shirt or cashmere polo sweater for a sophisticated look.

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2) Rag & Bone

Founded in 2002, Rag & Bone has taken the jeans world by storm and quickly become one of the top denim brands on earth. The brand combines skilled craftsmanship with high-quality materials. This produces denim with real longevity.

It takes up to 38 different steps and processes to create a pair of jeans from Rag & Bone. Plus, the majority of the distressing treatment is carried out by hand.

The brand is also focused on sustainability. It's part of Cotton's Blue Jean Go Green recycling scheme. This means you can exchange an old pair of jeans for 20% off a new pair.

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3) Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity is a luxury denim brand that's really making a name for itself. All of its jeans are made in-house rather than outsourced to other factories. This gives the company full control over the quality of its jeans.

The brand has 250 sewing experts who meticulously handcraft its products. Each pair of jeans is then inspected by quality control experts to ensure they're ready for sale. The brand avoids mass production to give each pair of jeans the attention they need.

Citizens of Humanity is also one of the best denim brands regarding sustainability. It minimizes fabric waste and maximizes efficiency through the use of automated machines. It also works to reduce the amount of water that's consumed during production.

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4) G-Star Raw

G-Star Raw has specialized in making untreated denim jeans since it was founded in 1989. Unlike many denim brands, it's focused on making timeless jeans from raw denim. This results in more rugged versions of classic denim styles.

G-Star Raw's 'Revend' skinny jeans are hard-wearing and dynamic. The '3301' slim-fit jeans are casual and cool. It's true that untreated denim takes some wearing in, but it's more than worth it.

G-Star Raw is a jeans brand that accentuates the qualities of premium denim in its most raw form.

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5) Jeanerica

Jeanerica is a denim brand looking to reinvent traditional denim styles for the everyday jeans-wearer. Whether that's classic straight-leg jeans or boot cuts, its designs have a vintage feel.

Jeanerica's men's jeans and women’s jeans come in various colours, including white. They're made with organic cotton for maximum comfort and everyday wear. If you're into vintage jeans with a contemporary twist, then Jeanerica is the brand for you.

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6) Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney's brand has been one of the leaders in sustainable fashion since it was founded in 2001. As well as becoming wardrobe staples, a pair of jeans from this brand are guaranteed to be ethically produced.

This focus on sustainability also translates into a focus on quality. The denim is made to withstand serious wear and to last for a long time. Investing in a pair of Stella McCartney jeans means owning denim built to last.

This makes Stella McCartney one of the best jeans brands for those who love trendy silhouettes and eco-friendly companies.

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7) 7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind is a luxury brand founded in LA by Peter Koral, Michael Glasser, and Jerome Dahan. The brand is credited as one of the pioneers of marketing jeans as a luxury clothing item.

The way the brand combined the casual wearability of jeans with the desirability of luxury items took the denim world by storm. their jeans are tailored to be softer and less stiff than traditional denim. This produces jeans that can be comfortably worn every day of the week.

Many celebrities endorse 7 For All Mankind. These celebrities include Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Lawrence. If you're looking for a luxurious lifestyle brand that doesn't compromise on quality, 7 For All Mankind is your brand.

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8) Levi's

There could be no list of designer denim brands that don't mention the brand that invented jeans. Levi's has been making jeans for over 150 years, and there's a reason they're still so popular.

Levi's may have been around for a long time, but continues to adapt and re-invent itself to stay current. The Authorized Vintage collection is the latest example of how the brand maintains its stellar reputation.

Levi’s sells a fantastic array of men’s and women's jeans that will never go out of style. For stylish jeans that have been defining “cool” for decades, the 501 jeans collection is your best friend.

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9) Calvin Klein

This may be best known for its colognes and other luxury products, but it's also produced amazing jeans since the 1970s. In fact, when Calvin Klein released their first pair of jeans, it sold all 200,000 pairs within just one week.

Since then, the brand has continued to produce denim that is versatile and bold. It takes classic designs and puts its own take on them. This creates jeans that feel fresh and youthful but can be worn daily.

You're just as likely to wear a pair of Calvin Klein jeans to Sunday morning brunch as you are to a night out on the town. Their skinny jeans are ideal for a slightly edgy look, whilst the slim fits feature comfy jeans that won’t disappoint. 

As with any product from Calvin Klein, you can expect originality and sheer quality. If this sounds appealing, then Calvin Klein might have the perfect pair of designer jeans for you.

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10) Balmain

Balmain is a Parisian fashion house that knows its way around denim. The jeans hug the contours of your body to create a casual look that maximizes comfort. Its take on classic designs is progressive and different.

These are jeans for those who want an edgy look that doesn't compromise style. Balmain utilises fading, quilting, distressing, and waxing to great effect. One of our favourites is the black slim-cut jeans which are ideal for those who seek a versatile piece that goes with anything.

A pair of Balmain's can be a real statement piece or an understated, everyday fashion choice. It all depends on your own preferences. There are designs covered in zippers, ribbing, and rips. Or, there are more subtle designs for the casual wearer.

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11) Diesel

Diesel came along in the late 1970s to shake up the world of denim. It aimed to become a denim brand that offered striking alternatives to the dominant players in the field. It's fair to say that it more than achieved its aim.

The brand combines high-quality denim with casual silhouettes. This creates unique jeans for the everyday wearer. A pair of Diesel jeans are still a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Diesel uses unusual and innovative washes to produce contemporary versions of classic designs. It's also not afraid to vary its fits and cuts and employ lots of distressing. For the bold amongst you, there are even designs featuring newspaper prints and paint splatters.

If you're looking for something more understated, there are also the everyday Sleenker and Thommer skinnies.

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12) Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has always been focused on getting the classics right. It does this with fine tailoring and inimitable luxury. Its jeans might not be the most daring, but their quality is always guaranteed.

A pair of jeans from Ralph Lauren combined with one of its famous polos is still one of the best ways to achieve a casual yet refined look. This is a quintessential American denim brand that knows how to get the basics right.

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