Slingo Spotlight: Slingo Fire and Ice Review

Slingo Fire and Ice Review
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Slingo Fire and Ice Overview: Turn up the Heat!



Ever wondered what it would be like to play a game with not one but TWO Slingo grids? Enter Slingo Fire and Ice! This Slingo Originals and Gaming Realms title offers Slingo fans an exciting new way to play, as well as being simple enough for Slingo newbies to get the hang of.

In Slingo Fire and Ice one grid and pay ladder is sizzling red, while the other is a cool blue. Completing Slingos on the red grid moves you up a multiplier ladder, and completing Slingos on the blue grid moves you up a pay ladder to which the multipliers are applied.

In this review, we’ll share some of our favourite things about playing Slingo Fire and Ice. Or if you’re looking for a complete guide on how to play the game, visit our Slingo Fire and Ice game page.

Slingo Fire and Ice Game Information

Game Name: Slingo Fire and IceRTP: 96.4%
Game Provider: Slingo Originals by Gaming RealmsPaylines: 12
Theme: GemsReels: 5
Feature/s: Additive symbol, Free Spins, Multiplier, Paid Respin, WildMin & Max Bet: 0.20 - 100
Volatility: HighBiggest Possible Win: x6000.00


HIGHLIGHT ONE: Slingo Fire and Ice Gameplay

Slingo Fire and Ice is an innovative Slingo game that stands out from the crowd with two Slingo grids. Although it looks a little different to a traditional Slingo game, Slingo Fire and Ice is easy to play. This time the reel is in between the two grids, and numbers that appear on it can either be marked off on the red fire grid, the blue ice grid, or both.

There are also red, blue and mixed Wilds, making for an exciting gaming experience with plenty of action! Get a Double Slingo (two Slingos that are completed simultaneously) to unlock the Jackpot Reel for the rest of the current game.

If a gemstone appears on the Jackpot Reel you can win a jackpot prize, with a maximum of five jackpot prizes to be won in a single game.

We love playing Slingo Fire and Ice – double the grids really does equal double the fun!

HIGHLIGHT TWO: Discover the Slingo Fire and Ice Game Theme



The Slingo Fire and Ice game is like two slots in one: first there’s the sizzling red grid, complete with a blazing fire underneath it, then there’s the ice-cool blue grid, surrounded by snow and glaciers. The contrast of the two worlds is captivating, but the game’s design remains simple and easy to understand. 

HIGHLIGHT THREE: Slingo Fire and Ice Symbols



There are a few symbols you’ll need to be aware of in Slingo Fire and Ice. Here’s a brief summary:

slingo-fire-and-ice-five-numbers.pngFire numbers: These numbers have a red edge and can be matched with numbers in the fire grid.
slingo-fire-and-ice-ice-numbers.pngIce numbers: Blue-edged numbers that can be matched with numbers in the ice grid.
slingo-fire-and-ice-mixed-numbers.pngMixed numbers: These numbers have a half blue, half red edge and can be matched with numbers on both grids.

Fire Wilds: Red Wilds that enable you to mark off any number in the same row in the fire grid.


Ice Wilds: Blue Wilds that allow you to mark off any number in the same row in the ice grid.


Mixed Wilds: Half blue, half red Wilds that allow you to mark off a number in each grid!


Free Spin: Awards a free spin at the end of the current game.


X Blocker: Takes up a place on the reel to try to stop you landing wins.



Fire gem / Ice gem: If one of these appears in the Jackpot Reel, you’ll win a jackpot prize.

HIGHLIGHT FOUR: Slingo Fire and Ice Game Bonuses

The Slingo Fire and Ice game has one key bonus feature to look out for, as well as all the double-grid action! Here’s some more info:

Jackpot Reel

The Jackpot Reel is activated after completing a Double Slingo - this is when you mark off a number that completes two Slingos simultaneously.

The Jackpot Reel will then be active for the rest of your current game. If an orange Fire Gem lands on the reel you’ll win the corresponding jackpot prize, and if the Ice Gem appears you’ll win the Ice Gem Jackpot!

You can have a chance to win a maximum of five jackpot prizes in one game, meaning there’s potential for multiple wins.

FINAL HIGHLIGHT: Slingo Fire and Ice Summary

Slingo Fire and Ice is an innovative Slingo game that makes a great addition to the Slingo Originals collection. We love playing on two grids rather than one, and the contrast between the fiery red grid and the cool blue one makes for a stunning design.

Slingo Fire and Ice is just one of many unique Slingo Originals releases by Gaming Realm. Read our blog to learn more about other Slingo Originals games.

Play Slingo Fire and Ice at Slingo is the official home of Slingo Originals, including Slingo Fire and Ice. Feel the heat with the fiery red grid, or cool down with its icy blue counterpart! With its unique theme, simple gameplay and exciting bonus features, you’ll love this innovative Slingo game. Ready to turn up the heat? Register at Slingo and play Slingo Fire and Ice now!

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