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7 Best Luxury Cashmere Brands You Should Know

Best Luxury Cashmere Brands
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Who doesn’t dream of owning a cashmere sweater from one of the top cashmere brands in the world? But unless you've got money in the bank, you can kiss the idea of buying high-quality cashmere goodbye.

Luckily, affordable prices are one thing you don't have to worry about when you're a high roller with Slingo. And when you're playing like a winner, you should dress like one, too. With your winnings, you can buy the best cashmere money has to offer - starting with the cashmere brands on this list!

Once you've ordered some new cashmere knitwear, you can also check out our lifestyle blog for inspiration on the most expensive places to show off your opulent outfit.


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1) Loro Piana

It would be remiss of us not to give Loro Piana the number one spot on our list of the best luxury cashmere brands. In fact, the company is often considered a spearhead in the cashmere industry. And for a good reason!

This Italian company was founded in 1924, and the Piana family had humble beginnings as fabric merchants. But, over time, it grew into the leading manufacturer of the finest cashmere apparel in the world.

Determined to mix luxury with sustainability, the company came up with the 'Loro Piana' method, which tests the sustainability of cashmere production. In 2015, it even launched the 'Cashmere of the Year’ award, recognising breeders who meet their impeccable standards.

Their commitment to using pure cashmere in their products quickly earned them the title of a luxury brand. And their prices definitely reflect their status! The brand's cashmere sweaters average around £1,000, with some trousers costing nearly £3,000. So it's no secret that the label is incredibly expensive, even when you have the cash to spare!

However, owning a Loro Piana piece means owning some of the market's most exclusive and highest-quality cashmere. And you get free bragging rights just for having one of their authentic cashmere sweaters in your closet!

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2) Extreme Cashmere

Part of the appeal of luxury brands is their exclusivity. But that doesn't mean that luxury clothing brands need to exclude anyone. Luckily, the Extreme Cashmere brand is here to change the face of what it means to produce high-quality cashmere.

This young company was founded in Amsterdam in 2016 and has already made a big splash among other luxurious cashmere brands. Still, its ideology of creating cashmere products that suit anyone's style and body type sets it apart from its competition.

Extreme Cashmere makes 'unisex, unisize' clothing that allows anyone to own the finest cashmere pieces on the market. For a price, of course! As a luxury brand, Extreme Cashmere's products boast everything but an affordable price.

However, if you can afford some of the best cashmere sweaters they have to offer, there's a lot to choose from. Extreme Cashmere's range includes sleek, classic cashmere products for the luxury apparel aficionado. But they also have knitwear that uses unique, innovative designs and colour palettes that aren't typically used with cashmere fibre clothing.

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3) Naked Cashmere

Founded in 2016 and worn by prominent celebrities like Selena Gomez and fashion model Kate Moss, Naked Cashmere is the luxury cashmere brand on the market. They are known for its classic silhouettes with muted colour palettes, but what makes it stand out is its company ethos of eco-friendly fashion.

Unlike some of its competitor cashmere brands, Naked Cashmere ensures that its cashmere wool is responsibly sourced. They take pride in educating their herders and factory workers on sustainability and guarantee 100% cruelty-free cashmere.

Although Naked Cashmere is known for being a high-end brand, its claim to fame is its reasonably priced cashmere products. The company is an online-only brand, meaning that its products aren't available in physical stores but are still widely accessible.

So, if you want to get your hands on a luxe cashmere brand without all the fuss of shopping around, Naked Cashmere has got you covered. Literally!

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4) Autumn Cashmere

As one of the oldest cashmere sweater brands on this list, Autumn Cashmere opened its doors in 1995. It was praised for its superior quality and attention to detail, and the brand has only improved over time. As any good luxury brand should, it has aged like fine wine.

For almost thirty years, Autumn Cashmere has been a staple for fashionistas looking to add a touch of classic elegance to their wardrobe. With superior craftsmanship, this brand has found a way to elevate everyday essentials and transform them into some of the most must-have items of every season.

Sourcing the best yarns from Italy, Autumn Cashmere is known for its soft-touch apparel. And what makes it even better is that their garments are long-lasting without looking raggedy after months of wearing them almost non-stop. At least, we think their customers wear their pieces non-stop. We know we would!

With classic designs that are still whimsical enough to add a touch of flair to any outfit, their muted designs can make anyone look effortlessly expensive.

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5) Leret Leret

Who says cashmere pieces have to be boring? While some luxe brands enjoy the classic look of natural tones and fitted silhouette, Leret Leret is our go-to pick for the most stylish sweaters around. Plus, this company uses some of the best cashmere wool you can get…sign us up!

Aimed at younger customers (or perhaps customers who are young at heart!) the cashmere sweater brand offers unique designs. Their designs are created with the help of fresh new artists, so their knitwear collection isn't the 'copy-and-paste' designs we've seen before. In fact, some of their designs are based on 'personal experience.'

What adds to the splendour of this brand is its exclusivity. It periodically releases a limited-edition cashmere sweater line, making it hard to get your hands on one of its designs before they sell out.

Founded by siblings in 2019, Leret Leret came out swinging. This brand rocks the boat and has redefined the cashmere game. While standard cashmere sweaters are kept classic and plain, the brand is one of the first in the business to add sewn motifs to their garments.

They also use a relaxed style with dropped shoulders that have become the hallmark of their unisex cashmere garments. This unique silhouette is lightyears apart from other classic brands and opens the industry up for younger fashionistas to enjoy luxury apparel as it has never been done before.

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6) White And Warren

By women, for women, and to empower women. That's the White and Warren motto!

Founded in 1997, this woman-owned cashmere brand has been producing luxury cashmere garments for over twenty years. And it has only gained momentum in the fashion industry since then.

But over and above their sterling knitwear collection, we love that this brand is committed to empowering women. Their collections are all for women, and the business employs mostly female staff.

There's more to White and Warren than girl power, though. The clothing company offers more colour variety than any of the other best cashmere brands. As a matter of fact, their iconic Travel Wrap has been released in over 1,000 colourways since its launch!

White and Warren released a capsule of recycled cashmere garments in 2021. They also focus on eco-friendly packaging, fair trade, and source sustainability. 

With tons of accolades and years of expertise under their belt, White and Warren's exclusivity makes it one of the most sought-after cashmere brands for women who want to add a dash of splendour to their wardrobe. So if you're thinking about springing for a luxe cashmere piece, White and Warren is a great choice.

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7) Sofiacashmere

Next on our list of the best cashmere brands is Sofiacashmere, and what a breath of fresh air! While most of their competition focuses on apparel and luxury garments, this brand offers a range of magnificent items for your home. So, even when you're lounging at home, you can do it in style with a luxe cashmere throw!

With over 60 years of experience, Sofiacashmere is renowned for its superior craftsmanship. The company only selects the finest wool for the most well-made products on the market. You won't find any loose threads here!

Although they offer a selection of wraps, capes, and accessories, their homeware items are their best-selling products. Their throws, pillows, and eyemasks make you feel like you're snuggling in a cloud - an expensive cloud, at that!

They even offer a limited range of baby blankets and accessories, so your little ones can enjoy living in the lap of luxury from the start.

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FAQs About Luxury Cashmere Brands

Where do cashmere fibres come from?

The fibres used to make cashmere wool come from the cashmere goat. This goat is typically found in Mongolia, where most of the world's cashmere is sourced to make luxury textiles.

These goats are herded, and their soft undercoat is used to make fine yarn (which is used by some of the best cashmere brands on the market). They are brushed during the malting season, which removes the soft down fibres. The down is then washed to separate the course overcoat from the fine strands for higher-quality yarn.

How do you check for quality cashmere?

When you're buying luxury cashmere sweater brands, it's important to know that you're paying for quality. You can check the quality in a few different ways, but if you don't have any fashion expertise, the look and feel tests are the easiest ways to discern the good from the bad.

Quality cashmere wool is easy to spot. It is usually slightly fluffy with no pilling or patches of looser knits. If a cashmere sweater has a woolly look, it uses shorter fibres and is, therefore, lower quality. Similarly, quality cashmere should feel soft to the touch but with a slight stiffness. The true mark of quality cashmere is that it softens naturally over time.

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Invest in Luxury Cashmere 

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