Best Luxury Swimsuit Brands You Should Know

Best Luxury Swimsuit Brands
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The sun might not always be shining in the UK, but it’s always going to be warm somewhere in the world.

We've put together the most eclectic list of luxury swimsuit brands there is. So looking flawless on the poolside will be easy on your next holiday.

Read on to discover which styles the most luxurious brands have come up with now. Visit Slingo’s lifestyle blog for more luxury fashion brand inspiration.

The Best Swimsuit Brands

Here are our top 37 best swimsuit brands that combine style, luxurious materials, and a perfect fit for all.

1) Hunza G

Hunza G is a specialist in minimal designs. The London-based popular swimwear brand is regularly shown off by celebrities such as Rita Ora or Chrissy Teigen. Thanks to their iconic ribbed fabric, it truly is a one size fits all, from size 6 to 16! The fabric stretches and moves with the wearer, sculpting and hugging the body comfortably and stylishly.

On top of that, you can expect rich, bright colours and timeless cuts that truly turn heads.

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2) Emilio Pucci

The iconic Italian brand was founded in 1947 and has been delivering some of the most glam swimwear styles since then.

For Pucci, more is more. Therefore all of their one-piece swimsuits and bikinis come with matching sundresses or cover-ups. And yes, there is a lot of print and colour involved.

The brand is a master of prints and colour matching. It is best known for its psychedelic patterns from the sixties and seventies. And these are currently busy making a comeback!

3) Jade Swim

Jade Swim is another swim brand that takes minimalism to the next level. On top of that, Jade Swim proves that less doesn't have to be boring and can still turn heads!

The intricate straps and shoulder designs are a true eye-catcher for any day by the pool.

On top of that, Jade Swim is a sustainable brand. Their refreshingly innovative fabrics can be worn to the beach or mixed with your favourite high-waist jeans at any time of the day.

Expect solid colours for Jade Swim swimsuits and a design that perfectly shapes all body types.

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4) Matteu

Whether you are looking for a one-piece swimsuit or the perfect bikini - you will find it in the swimwear brand Matteu.

The founders and sisters, Peta Heinsen and Ilona Hamer, are experts in creating the perfect swim line that matches any body type.

5) Arket

Did you ever think recycled plastic bottles could be crafted into eye-catching swimwear pieces?

Well, you'd be surprised, thanks to Arket's swimwear collection. It is sustainably made from recycled materials such as PET bottles. And the brand continuously commits to the more ethical and sustainable production of its swimwear.

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6) Cos

The Swedish retailer Cos uses clean lines and a very distinguished design philosophy in everything they do. This too applies to their swim line.

Whether you need a one-piece swimsuit or high waist bikini - you can't go wrong with a beach outfit from Cos.

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7) Anyday

The game is in the name. 

You will be able to wear this swimwear any day, even on those days when you need a little confidence boost - Anyday swimwear will do just that.

Their luxurious fabrics and bold prints (think dainty floral or gingham check) look stunning on every body type, every day, at any time.

8) Araks

A brand that has already mastered the art of pyjamas and lingerie is a brand you can trust with swimwear, too.

Araks delivers elegant and simple silhouettes mixed with vibrant colours, making it one of the best swimwear brands.

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9) Cover Swim

Cover Swim is the brand for you if you want to look stylish whilst taking part in beach activities like volleyball or even surfing.

Not only do they rock sustainable fabrics, but these stylish-looking pieces also come with UV protection. So not only will you look the part, but you’ll also be protected from the sun. Make sure to still lather up on sun cream, though! 

10) Missoni Mare

Everybody knows the iconic patterned knits from luxury brand Missoni. But did you know that you can get these stunning pieces in swimsuit form as well?

Missoni has released its classic styles in bright colours with metallic finishes. These items will make you look like some of the most colourful fish in the sea!

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11) Everlane

Another fashion-forward brand that puts eco-friendliness and quality over quantity is Everlane. Their stylish and minimalistic swimsuits are mostly made from recycled nylon and come in super sleek designs.

12) Louisa Ballou

Head's up for your next beach essentials! Louisa Ballou has created every beach baby's dream.

Inspired by the surf in her South Carolina hometown, Charleston, Ballou's swimwear rocks cute eponymous prints.

The cut of her one-piece suits complement the brand's mesh dresses - so you're always good to go.

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13) Tropic of C

Who would know luxury swimwear better than a supermodel that calls the beaches of South Africa her home? With her own line Tropic of C, Candice Swanepoel pays homage to her home country.

Her designs wow customers with a swimwear collection dedicated to easy movement and practicality.

14) Eres

Get ready to wear unmatched quality. The French label Eres has over 40 years of experience when it comes to swimwear. With this in mind, you can expect the perfect one-piece swimsuit and bikini from this brand.

Their shaping speciality fabric will support your body like nothing else. All while looking incredibly slick and still being comfortable to wear for years.

15) Johanna Ortiz

Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz takes inspiration from the female form. She lets her ideas blossom into elegant cuts and playful details.

You can be sure to stand out in every piece. On top of that, her swimwear brand is entirely focused on sustainability.

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16) Marysia

Get ready for recognition value with Marysia's beautiful and iconic scallop-hem finishes.

Inspired by surfing and ballet (what a combination, right?), the Marysia designs are beautifully feminine and modern.

17) Isa Boulder

For those that like to think back to the good old days, Isa Boulder has created retro-inspired cuts and prints. Thanks to high-waist bikinis and old-school fabric designs, these will provide your body with that Hollywood look.

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18) Bondi Born

Bondi Born swimwear is made with chlorine-resistant fabrics. This ensures that their swimsuits stand the test of time.

Expect sleek silhouettes and a perfect fit for every body shape and size from this swimsuit brand.

19) Oséree

Oséree have really understood that beachwear needs to be the right level of glamorous. They offer shimmering two-piece bikinis that complement stunning accessories and cover-ups. 

If you’re looking for an ultra-glam piece for your poolside sunning this summer, Oséree is a brand that should be top of your list.

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20) Haight

Let's agree on one thing: we want to look elegant in and out of the pool. Not every swimwear brand puts this at the top of their priority list.

Luckily Haight got the hint and provided us with swimsuits that can be paired with jeans or fancy skirts. This ensures you’re ready for dinner straight after your refreshing dip - amazing, right?

This sophisticated swimwear also moves with your body and helps enhance all the right curves.

21) Fisch

Sustainably created from fishing nets, Fisch suits are beautifully designed from regenerative nylon fabric.

Their designs go with basically anything and everything, so you will always look stylish whether you are on your way or already on the beach.

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22) ACK

Interesting shapes and eye-catching colours are typical for the swimwear brand ACK.

You can expect stylish as well as practical swimwear from all of their cuts and designs.

23) Faithful The Brand

Luxury and eco-friendly do not have to phase each other out. Faithful The Brand provides flattering, feminine, hand-crafted pieces by local Balinese artisans. And on top of that, they also have practicality and wearability in mind. 

This brand is in tune with all the latest fashion trends, from colours to prints, so you’ll rest assured knowing you’re looking your best.

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24) Vilebrequin

Vilebrequin has been producing strong male and female swimwear collections since 1971.

You can choose from an extensive range of swimsuits, swim pants, and bikinis, all made from quality fabrics. We especially love their shaping one-piece swimsuit! This is the brand for you if you’re looking for standout pieces.

25) Kenny Flowers

Another one of the swimwear brands we love because they produce high-quality fabrics for both men and women to wear.

Kenny Flowers pieces are SPF 30+, salt-resistant, and anti-chlorine, meaning that you’ll be wearing these luxury swimwear designs for years to come.

You can match their bold prints with a coordinating headpiece or sarong. This is one of the many reasons Kenny Flowers is one of the best swimsuit brands around.

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26) Summersalt

Summersalt makes us want to do somersaults - and thanks to bathing suits' perfect fit, we can!

Their data-driven design technique ensures there'll be at least one (if not several) flattering silhouette just for you.

Summersaltz is one of those swimwear brands that made it their mission to fit every body type. For this, they have literally taken the body measurements of 10,000 women to serve bathing suits in sizes 0 to 24.

27) Cossie & Co

Cossie & Co swimwear has something on offer for anyone. They have a modern approach to designing fabrics. So you will be able to choose from classic silhouettes from the 60s and the typical gingham one-piece swimsuit.

Their motto is ‘swimwear for the modern woman’, so you can be confident in knowing that your Cossie & Co swimsuit will have you covered whether you’re jumping from the top deck of a boat or catching a tan at the poolside.

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28) Leslie Amon

We love a woman who takes matters into her own hands and delivers luxury swimwear for all the rest of us!

After being unable to find the perfect swimsuit for herself, Leslie Amon created a swimwear brand that caters to the female body.

She puts her focus on quality over quantity, meaning if a design sells out, it is out of stock forever.

29) Eberjey

Eberjey is Nigerian for joy, and that is honestly all we feel when we look at their swimsuit pieces. Their frilly and floral designs will put a smile on your face. If you’re hoping for cute but minimalist pieces for your next holiday, this is the brand for you.

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30) Away That Day

London-based brand Away That Day produces sustainable and timeless swimwear. These are incredibly comfortable to wear and stunning in their looks. 

They also only use ethical manufacturers with zero waste policies, so you’ll rest assured knowing you’re doing the environment some good whilst in a piece from Away That Day. 

31) Form & Fold

Form & Fold provides beautiful swimwear for women with larger busts. You can rely on this Australian brand for anything from square neck and plunge bikini tops to bright and bold one-pieces.

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32) The Attico

The Attico is setting new swim trends as we speak.

Their new swimsuits and bikinis come in bold metallics, animal prints, and colours. Perfect for those that are looking to turn heads in their string bikinis.

33) Lea The Label

Lea The Label is a brand that every swimwear lover should know about. 

They’re heading up all the newest trends, particularly in the bikini top department.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Loren top or Pelagia top are pieces you should get to know.

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34) Medina Swim

Look stunning while giving back to the ocean! Medina's bikinis and one piece are all produced eco-friendly. On top of that, a percentage of their sales is given away to non-profit organisations that help clean and protect our oceans.

35) Dos Swim

Another of those swimwear brands we all love, thanks to their luxury fabrics and design swimwear that is made for all body types and sizes.

With a piece from Dos Swim, you can expect bold, standout patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. 

36) Rielli

Rielli is a bathing suit brand that was only recently established in 2019. Even though they are newbies to the market, they understand the power of going old-school and taking the artisanal design route.

Their modern designs are all homemade in the founder's living room, which does not compromise the high quality of their fabrics and cuts!

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Discover More Luxury Brands With Slingo

If you’re hoping to find more of the best luxury brands, visit the Slingo lifestyle blog. We’ve also listed some of our recommended blogs below. 

Or why not head over to one of the best online bingo sites or the best place for online slots in the UK. If you win big, you could be sunning yourself in one of the luxury swimwear brands mentioned above.

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