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10 Best Luxury Suitcase Brands for Travelling in Style

Best Luxury Suitcase Brands
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Any jet setter knows all too well that if you look good, you feel good - which is why having the right travel gear is important. 

Whether you're catching a flight to an exotic destination or taking the train into the big city, we're going to cover the best luxury suitcase brands for travelling in style in this blog. 

We've compiled a list of luxury suitcase brands to help guide you. If you’re looking for similar inspiration, discover the Slingo lifestyle blog.

The Best Suitcase Brands For Travelling in Style

1. Away

Despite only being founded in 2015, Away has quickly established itself as a luxury luggage brand. 

Founders Steph Korey and Jen Rubio interviewed over 800 travellers to discover what customers desperately wanted from their suitcases. From investing in strong and sturdy materials to adding a USB port for charging your phone, the brand has quickly expanded its range of suitcases to suit the modern-day traveller. 

Away’s first and most popular line of suitcases is the hard shell, polycarbonate luggage. Not only do these suitcases keep all your items protected, but they are also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry.

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2. Louis Vuitton

What many people don't know is that Louis Vuitton has been making suitcases since the 1800s. In 1854, Vuitton came up with the idea to make travel trunks flat and rectangular. This allowed for easy stacking and proved to be a major game changer. Nowadays, the brand continues to make some of the finest luggage pieces on the market.

The Louis Vuitton Horizon Soft Duffle, in particular, is a defining entry for the brand as a lightweight and sturdy suitcase which uses water and oil-repellent fabric. Your luggage will always be kept looking sleek and stylish!

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3. Victorinox

The name Victorinox may sound slightly familiar. This is because the Swiss brand is widely known for its utility knives. But, when they aren't making army knives, they're making well-designed luggage.

Victorinox certainly doesn't have the most extravagant designs. Their focus is primarily on function. So, you can expect to find a compartment to fit practically every item you have. The Swiss Army VX Drift Frequent Flyer Plus Carry-on suitcase is a suitcase in their range that's definitely worth checking out.

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4. Globe-Trotter

The Globe-Trotter brand was founded in Germany in the late 1800s but moved its operations to the UK in 1932. It has since been making leather luggage for over a century.

People tend to think that Globe-Trotter suitcases are attempting to imitate old-fashioned luggage styles, but this is not the case. The brand actually draws inspiration from its own archive. Additionally, all products are made by hand and were dawned on by famous names such as Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth.

The Safari is a good example of Globe-Trotter's design. It features a signature leather trim, a vintage aesthetic, and Albion Carry-On Trolley Case.

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5. SteamLine Luggage

Much like Globe-Trotter, SteamLine's luggage has a very vintage look. They're "safari-ready" travel trunks with all the features of modern cases. What makes SteamLine Luggage particularly appealing is that they offer stylish items without being overly expensive.

SteamLine's Editor 20-Inch Rolling Carry-On is probably one of the best pieces of carry-on luggage from a design perspective. It's neat stitching, brown tones, and softly reflective gold hardware cant put other carry-ons to shame.

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6. Gucci

It's hard to use the term "luxury" and not mention Gucci - one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. It's a brand that epitomises luxury, with a logo that serves as a widely recognised statement. Picking up a Gucci suitcase from baggage claim will not only be easier to spot, but it’ll certainly impress those around you.

Gucci's GG Supreme Carry-On Suitcase features a four-wheel trolley, a retractable handle, and an exterior pocket. If you want a functional and stylish carry-on, then the GG Supreme Carry On is for you.

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7. Paravel

Paravel is a brand that's committed to sustainable world travel. Their collection boasts a wide range of luggage that's minimalist, stylish, and eco-friendly. To add to this, Paravel suitcases are relatively affordable, despite having a designer look and feel.

A noteworthy entry in their collection is the Aviator Carry-On, which has a smart leather trim and uses recycled aluminium for the handle. The Domino Black version of the Aviator Carry-On is carbon neutral and has a lining made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles.

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8. Coach

Coach is another trusted name when it comes to luggage. Their products are extremely well-known and loved. Because we haven't featured any duffle bags on this list, Coach might be the ideal representative.

The Gotham Duffle is easily one of the best duffle bags made by Coach or any brand for that matter. This luxury duffle features:

  • a pebbled leather exterior
  • a detachable shoulder strap
  • snap-together carry handles
  • calfskin accents

Additionally, it has multifunctional pockets and is nearly as spacious as a standard carry-on suitcase.

The downside to Coach is that they only offer a one-year warranty. However, their products are built to last. You also have the option of sending it to the Coach Repair Workshop when it needs to be spruced up or changed for something new through the (Re)Loved Exchange Program.

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9. Tumi

Tumi offers an incredibly wide range of suitcases; whether you're looking for something heavy-duty, a lightweight carry-on, or a ballistic nylon travel bag, Tumi has it all. Founded in New Jersey in 1975, Tumi was named after Peru’s national symbol, a ceremonial knife.

The brand currently prides itself on technological integrations, hence why they sell ballistic nylon travel bags. The company also emphasises the importance of durability and functionality when it comes to its suitcases. 

The Tumi Short Trip Packing Case is another strong entry in their collection. It features a removable garment sleeve, smooth-gliding spinner wheels, a security zipper, and a TSA lock.

Another Tumi product worth mentioning is their International Expandable 4-Wheel Carry-On. It's a hardshell carry-on that carries the core features of the Short Trip Packing Case while adding extras such as USB ports, a hanger bracket, and a telescoping handle.

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10. Rimowa

Rimowa is a direct-to-consumer brand that has developed a cult-like following in recent years. Their products are accompanied by a hefty price tag. But upon purchasing a suitcase from them, you'll quickly understand why they're priced the way they are.

The Rimowa Essential Cabin Spinner is one of the best examples of the quality that Rimowa can offer. It's made of sturdy aluminium and has Rimowa's signature grooved exterior, a telescoping handle, and smooth spinner wheels.

If you're looking for heritage, craftsmanship, and the highest quality, then Rimowa is for you. Because they're a direct-to-consumer brand, you're not likely to find major stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue stocking their products; check out their website instead.

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Why You Should Invest in a Good Suitcase

There are several reasons why investing in high-end brands is a good idea. Having a strong and dependable suitcase will help you a lot if you’re a frequent traveller or you need suitcases to suit you and your family. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a good suitcase:


It's widely known that purchasing an item from a reputable brand typically guarantees that you'll get a substantial warranty. This is primarily because reputable brands rigorously test their products. Besides being confident in their products, these brands also value customer retention.

In the case of luggage, some brands have authorised service centres in addition to the warranties they offer. At these centres, repairs can be performed on your luggage by trained specialists should anything go wrong with it.


Let's be honest - no one wants the hassle of having to replace their suitcase every year; you want a suitcase that will last a long time. Luxury luggage brands have higher standards when it comes to materials and functionality. So there's a much higher chance of their products lasting longer than generic ones.

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Stress-free travelling

Whether you're a seasoned traveller or not, travelling can be an extremely stressful experience. The last thing that you'd want while travelling is for the handle or wheel on your suitcase to get stuck while moving around a busy airport.

Malfunctions are particularly common with cheap suitcases. So opting for a high-quality piece of luggage can save you from needless stress and embarrassment.

Saves time

Using a high-quality or designer luggage brand often shows its worth when it comes to packing and moving around with the suitcase. High-end brands usually ensure that their suitcases come with several specialised compartments. This means you can fit everything into your suitcase in a convenient manner. 

Big brands also typically implement mechanisms that facilitate easy manoeuvrability and locking.

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FAQs About Luxury Suitcase Brands

Can suitcases be washed?

Suitcases can and generally should be washed, particularly if you’ve frequently been travelling. Soft-sided suitcases can be cleaned using a gentle soap and water mixture. Ensure that you read the manufacturer's care guidelines prior to cleaning. Using the wrong detergent or scrubbing too vigorously could damage the suitcase or design elements.

While cleaning, ensure that you don't use excessive amounts of soap, or you'll struggle to remove it. Use a soft brush to work in the solution, after which you can use a damp, soap-free cloth to wipe it away.

What is the most expensive luggage brand?

Louis Vuitton made the most expensive set of luggage ever sold. It sold for an astronomical $601,340. Away and Globe-Trotter don't have pieces to match this price but do offer some luggage pieces that are on the high end of the price spectrum. Additionally, Valextra's main range starts from $7,950.

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Travel In Style 

If you’re ready to book your next trip away, we’ve got you covered with some luxury travel inspiration:

Or, if you’re looking to travel in style or want to revamp your wardrobe, check out our other luxury item guides!


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