10 of the Best Designer Brands for Men's Suits

Best Designer Brands For Men’s Suits
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As any gentleman who dons a suit regularly will tell you: picking the best brand can be an absolute minefield. There are just so many types to choose from; do you go for the classic suit? Or turn a few heads by rocking something a bit more fashion-forward?

There are oh-so-many luxury suit brands for men to choose from that can fit any luxury lifestyle, so without further ado, let's take a look at ten of the best suit brands that are rocking the fashion world from Slingo’s lifestyle news.

Top 10 of the Best Suit Brands

The best luxury suit brands will offer fully customized pieces and ready-to-wear suits for men which exude luxury and refined taste. The following list shows some of the most cutting-edge, fashion-forward seasoned suit professionals leading the luxury suits market today.

1. Armani

Founded: 1975

For nearly half a century, this renowned suit brand has built up a sturdy reputation in flawless tailoring. Their ever-evolving suit collection includes timeless and classic styles, as well as their modern cropped jacket and slim-fit trousers.

Armani also offers made-to-measure suits fitting an athletic or atypical build. Not all suits fit every wearer, but the trademark Armani style conceals short legs or a long torso. You’d often find their suits in typical black and shades of grey, but Armani will also experiment with the subtle Prince of Wales check.

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2. Brooks Brothers

Founded: 1818

That's right, folks. Brooks Brothers have been creating luxury clothing and tailoring traditional suits for a little over 200 years. With two centuries in the bag, how could you not trust this famous brand?

Brooks Brothers are an excellent choice for whatever type of luxury suit you fancy. They lean toward classic colours like navy blue and use the finest quality fabric to tailor a bespoke two, or three-piece suit.

The oldest clothing retailer still operating in the United States, Manhattan-born Brooks Brothers are credited with being the first tailors to bring the ready-to-wear suit to the continental US. Brooks Brothers are known for dressing most of the American presidents, as well as the green fashion icon: Kermit the Frog.

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3. Burberry

Founded: 1856

Although Burberry is known for its classy-cut trench coats, they are also a serious contender for the made-to-measure contemporary suit. Burberry juxtaposes classic fabrics and the timeless two or three-piece suit style with a more contemporary, slimline cut.

Burberry most often keeps to the dark grey, dark brown, and navy blue pallet. However, you can readily find a softer camel colour synonymous with their famous check. Burberry also tailors the occasional suit jacket with their trademark check peeking out from beneath the cuff.

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4. Gucci

Founded: 1921

Originally from Florence, this luxury Italian brand offers a wide variety of unique styles. From bold colours to unique styling, Gucci can suit you for any occasion. 

This classic brand has long since mastered the classic cut and the tapered leg; showcasing its fantastic tailoring which is often adored by celebrity figures. From rockstars to Hollywood actors, you can either make a statement or keep yourself looking suave.

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5. Hermès

Founded: 1837

As in scarves? Yes. Except they also do suits.

Hermès is a Parisian artisan designer brand with international retail in more than 45 countries. It has often been said that Hermès have the best suits for men who travel since their high-twist worsted wool yarn is considerably more resistant to creasing than many other suit materials. Just think of Hermès as your aeroplane suit: you can sit for hours but still stay dressed to impress.

The Hermès take on tailoring favours what they call the clean hip fit. This means the suit trousers actually sit on your hips, quite happily without a belt, if that is your preference. They might not offer the same degree of choice of suits for men as other, dedicated tailors, but what they do create has earned a place on the list.

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6. Hugo Boss

Founded: 1924

A Hugo Boss suit is synonymous with the navy pinstripe. It just is. A household name, HB are renowned as one of the leading labels in luxury men's suits.

Unlike Gucci, however, and many other labels, HB have stubbornly remained with the classic black, grey, brown, and navy suit colours. They offer minimal bespoke style but believe the best suits for men are traditional, only using the cut to craft something unique.

The double-breasted, classic fit is the signature piece of this namesake brand, but they also offer a made-to-measure slim fit, as well as a super-contemporary extra slim fit for a sleek suit which outlines the body for a flawless silhouette.

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7. Paul Smith

Founded: 1970

A little less historical, perhaps, but no less renowned. Paul Smith has upheld the same motto for 50 years: classic with a twist.

Classic refers mostly to the cut and the traditional two or three-piece suit. Paul Smith creates stunning suits which can be bought off the rack or tailored to achieve the perfect fit. The twist is a nod to the colours they use. Yes, Paul Smith tailors in black, grey and navy; but they also rock a blue check, an orange check and a velvet evening suit, to name a few.

The Paul Smith company is perhaps the best example of a contemporary tailor for the modern, fashion-forward gent. Their website offers consumers the choice of fully customisable suits, with a chance to select the preferred fit: classic, slim fit, or tailored. Next is the choice of fabrics, including a travel suit option stitched from crease-resistant, high-twist worsted yarn.

Sure, many of the other players on the list have been tailoring for over a century, but Paul Smith seems to have forged a more accessible route. They have retained the luxury, office, or dress suits but with greater customisability online. This is the new suit for the modern man.

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8. Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Founded: 1967

Yes, Ralph Lauren exists outside of the sitcom Friends.

The intention behind many of the RL suits is to mix and match. They create pieces that can be interchanged for a business formal, business casual, or smart casual look, depending on the occasion.

An American brand with equestrian roots, RL favours the classic colours, but you can usually find a statement check suit in their current season catalogue, which brings a classic English or even Scottish vibe to the tailored suit.

RL suits are available right off the rack or ready to wear. Or, for the full, luxury treatment, you can spring for one of their purple label suits. These are the most expensive suits on their roster. Within the purple label, RL designs statement sport coats in bold, tartan check fabric that can be paired with any single-coloured suit trousers.

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9. Savile Row Company

Founded: 1938

The Savile Row Company is not one of the most expensive suit makers on the list, but they have earned a place for their enduring presence in the world of men's fashion.

The Savile Row Co. offers two or three-piece suits sold off the rack or individually tailored. They also retail individual suit pieces; you can buy the jacket, the trousers, or the waistcoat one at a time. This is ideal if you decide to add the waistcoat later or if you fancy picking up a second pair of trousers to match your favourite suit.

The Savile Row Co. keep colours simple, with a pale blue and a simple grey check about as off-the-wall as they are likely to get.

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10. Versace

Founded: 1978

Versace is another of the high-end tailors renowned for its bold patterns and striking colour combinations. At the heart of it, Versace is an expert fashion house, trusted for its craftsmanship and precise, quality tailoring.

Despite being high-end, however, Versace likes to push boundaries and is often viewed as the closest competitor to Gucci. With jacquard prints and gold detailing, Versace is known for its neo-renaissance imagery and classic styles. 

Versace supplements their traditional line with audacious, checkerboard patterned fabric and even a perfectly proper suit lined with fashionable spikes. Versace can cut a close fit with the best of them, but unveiled in early 2022 a penchant for the slightly oversized fit.

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What are bespoke suits?

A bespoke suit should look as though it was made for you and as though you were made to wear it. The right brand will often be able to customise their clothes to suit you and your style - ultimately making the piece a unique and special outfit for you. 

Is it possible to buy a suit online?

Yes, of course. 

Let's be honest. You can buy anything online. That is not to say you should, however. Buying online is never risk-free, and you may not able to get the right measurements. This could leave you with an ill-fitting suit that you may not feel comfortable wearing. 

It is perfectly acceptable to buy a suit online, but for the perfect fit and the full bespoke tailoring experience, it is advised to meet with a tailor in person. 

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