The 11 Best Luxury Boat Brands

Best Luxury Boat Brands
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Forget designer handbags or expensive clothes; owning a luxury boat is the ultimate status symbol. You’ll feel like a millionaire cruising around on one of these magnificent yachts!

Many superyachts are world-renowned for their high-quality construction, and in this list, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the best luxury boat brands. 

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What Are the Best Luxury Boat Brands?

When it comes to luxury boat brands, there are a wide variety of different makes, sizes and designs, from sailing and motor yachts to sports and expedition yachts.

If you are buying a boat or want to know more about the industry, these are the best yacht brands you should consider.

1. Benetti

Benetti is one of the top luxury shipbuilders of all time. They've been in the business for almost 150 years and are one of the few brands to win the highest award from Showboats International six years in a row. We cannot talk about the best yacht brands without mentioning Benetti.

Founded in 1873, this Italian boat brand began building commercial ships like fishing boats and trading ships. Originally building wooden ships, the brand eventually pivoted to  constructing military vessels during World War II. 

Most of their builders specialise in bigger boats, and their standard model measures a whopping 99 feet in length. The Italian brand is well known for modern designs, like the Vision, the Classic, FB, and the tradition. They understand the need for sustainability and have designed countless hybrid superyachts over the past few years.

They have gained worldwide fame with boats like the Mediterranean, Delfino, and the Tirreno. 

The M/Y Nabila is another one of their famous creations. It is an 86-metre boat that a businessman from Saudi Arabia commissioned. The boat is famous for several reasons, but it is perhaps most well known for featuring in Sean Connery’s James Bond movie in the 1980s.

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2. Feadship

The First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, also known as Feadship, was founded in 1949. It was a partnership between two sizable shipbuilders, the Royal Van Lent Shipyard and the Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw. Together, they run four different shipyards where they have built various ships of all shapes and sizes. 

The smallest boats typically have a length of 35 to 45 metres, although they have been known to build many boats longer than 100 metres.

Venus, Symphony, Aquarius, and Savannah are currently their most beloved constructions, with the Symphony in particular among some of the biggest boats ever constructed.

The individual shipbuilders who make up this corporation have histories that go back to the late 1800s. With the likes of Henry Ford and Malcolm Forbes owning custom-built yachts from Feadship, this designer boat brand has much acclaim for its craftsmanship.

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3. Lürssen

Since 1875, Lürssen has been constructing yachts, naval ships and vessels. This once-family-run shipyard builds some of the best custom superyachts in the business. 

The boats were originally made for fishing and ferry journeys but soon became synonymous with producing rowboats for Bremen rowers. 

As the brand gained popularity throughout Germany, its clientele quickly spread, and in 1886, they were credited with building the first motorised boat. They now create some of the top luxury leisure boats in the world with that very same pioneering spirit.

Lürssen's AZZAM and DILBAR luxury leisure vessels were the world's longest and largest yachts of the time, which included custom design elements to give the brand a certain edge and identity. 

One of the greatest aspects of this boat brand is its commitment to using sustainable materials and construction practices.  For example, they were the first boat manufacturer to use engine heat to run an internal desalination system that provides passengers with clean and safe drinking water.

Complying with current regulatory requirements also entails fitting their latest vessels with an integrated SCR filter and a compact silencer that lower noise, soot, and nitrogen oxide emissions. They also contribute significantly to the fantastic Blue Marine Foundation, a charity aiming to fix the impacts of overfishing and environmental damage caused to the ocean.

11 of the 20 longest yachts in the world are currently in the fleet of Lürssen, whose designs are true art pieces.

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4. Oceanco

Oceanco is a newcomer to the shipbuilding industry, but it hasn't taken them long to acquire a firm name as one of the best yacht brands in the world today. Since 1987, they have built high-end yachts and boats with approximately 30 unique designs.

A group of investors launched the business in South Africa. Its current facilities can build up to five full-size superyachts simultaneously, and since everything is manufactured to order, each Oceanco boat is unique from the moment it enters the water.

They can also construct larger vessels; several of their builds are well over 100 metres long. The firm recently acquired new land to expand its facilities and enable them to build bigger luxury vessels.

Oceanco’s approach to building yachts comes down to a simple phrase: "what if.” Instead of limiting themselves and getting stuck behind a certain niche, the brand is always experimenting with their designs to build new and exciting opportunities. 

These new approaches may even show shipbuilders a new way of operating that could make construction easier for them.

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5. Sunseeker

This British company is well-known for its luxurious motor boats that have appeared in several James Bond films. Robert and John Braithwaite founded Sunseeker in 1969, and it has since become one of the world’s leading motor yacht companies. 

In 1985 as the business expanded, the name was changed to Sunseeker Internationa. This is now the brand produces more than 150 luxury boats annually. 

They currently have seven production facilities and shipyards tactically located throughout the UK, with the company's main headquarters for technology and design situated in Poole. This HQ is where boats go for finishing touches and furnishings, and technical equipment installation.

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6. Abeking & Rasmussen

Since 1917, this family enterprise in Germany has successfully established new technological standards. They have been the greatest at building naval vessels, excel at constructing custom yachts and produce the pinnacle of German engineering.

Abeking and Rasmussen have always been a forward-thinking business. Their embrace of change has helped put them ahead of other yacht brands as they become the world's first hydrocarbon-free hybrid fuel cell, driven by methanol and emitting solely pure steam. 

You could be playing a round of tennis on The Aviva’s 321-foot flagship or enjoying a nice cocktail under the blazing sun with this luxury boat brand.

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7. Westport

Since 1964, Westport has been building bespoke luxury boats, with customisation being a key component of their work. They have a small selection of pre-owned luxury boats available for purchase, but you can also collaborate with them to create your unique dream yacht.

They are indeed a pioneering company when it comes to using composite materials in the construction process. They are currently the largest yacht builder in North America, having constructed over 160 luxury yachts and commercial ships.

They specialise primarily in brokerage yacht sales and creating new yachts to bring prepared vendors and interested purchasers together. They also provide several yacht charters for vacations and voyages to specific locations.

The 112, 117, 125, 130, and 172 are some of the most sought-after designs among the regular models, all numbered.

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8. Heesen

Heesen is a Dutch superyacht brand which was previously named Striker Boats until Frans Heesen bought the business. A year later, the company launched the Amigo - a 20-metre luxury yacht carrying the Heesen name to new heights.

Although the company wasn’t established until 1978, Heesen has certainly caught up to its rivals. At least 170 luxurious boats in various sizes, forms, and configurations have been made by Heesen, all with top-notch engineering, superior building techniques, and skilled craftsmanship.

The first boat that established Heesen in the industry was the Octopussy, constructed for an American businessman, John Staluppi. This invention could reach impressive speeds of 50 knots - an exciting upgrade at the time.

Project Akira, Project Jade, and Project Apollo are some of the most remarkable models of Heesen yachts, making them among the most well-known and best yacht brands out there.

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9. Riva

Riva was established in 1842 on the Italian lake Iseo and immediately rose to fame as a legendary racing yacht. Riva is one of the world's finest cruising yachts, with its sleek aesthetics and exceptional performance.

Since its founding, the Riva has become part of the Ferretti Group, an Italian multinational shipbuilding company. Displaying some of the finest Italian artistry, these boats have exclusive designs from Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta.

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10. Ferretti

Founded in 1968, Ferretti has produced some of the world’s most refined and exhilarating yachts. Ferretti uses cutting-edge human interfaces to make its boats simple and easy to operate. Ferretti’s projects are created with comfort in mind, offering modern and traditional yacht designs. 

The INFYNITO 90 project, for example, can travel vast distances with a range of 500 miles at 15 knots or even 1200 miles at an economical cruising speed of 12 knots. The yacht is spacious, allowing you to look out at the beautiful blue sea, and it can also be customised to allow a jacuzzi spa, a private bar or a sophisticated lounge. You could even have your very own gym!

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11. Amels

Although Damen Yachting owns Amels, the Amels trademark has existed since 1918. Amels are the superyacht business of the 2019-founded Damen Corporation, which also has shipbuilding, engineering, and defence sectors.

The business has headquarters in Vlissingen, regarded by many as the home of Dutch shipbuilding.

They focus on custom builds and have a fleet of luxurious boats, including The Akula and Here Comes The Sun.

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