London vs Paris: Which City is Best for Your Next Trip?

A view of Big Ben and the houses of Parliament at dusk over the river. The sky is dark blue with some pink clouds.
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London vs Paris is a classic conundrum for any traveller. Do you follow the Seine to visit Paris or the Thames to visit London? These two cities are as iconic as each other, so how can anyone be expected to choose?

Don't worry! That's where we come in. In this blog from Slingo’s lifestyle news, London and Paris are going head-to-head in an attempt to be at the top of your bucket list.

Will you head to the romantic City of Lights and stand under the Eiffel Tower or set foot in the bustling metropolis of London to see the historical Buckingham Palace? Let's find out.

Paris vs London: Which is Best for You?

A main road in Paris at dusk with several cars, trees lining the street, and the Arc de Triomphe monument in the centre.

In one corner, London, the buzzing metropolis where red buses zip through the streets and palaces are protected by the King's Guard. On the other side of the channel is Paris, the City of Lights, where you can linger over a croissant outside a café or wander the bohemian Le Marais.

We've broken down these incredible capital cities into popular holiday categories to see which place suits your holiday style.

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A view of Paris from the Seine. The Eiffel Tower is on the left, with several trees and a bridge running across the water. The sky is shades of orange, pink and blue.


London holds a kaleidoscope of nightlife possibilities that caters to every taste. From the elegance of West End theatres to the alluring beats of Soho's clubs, there's a rhythm for everyone. You can spend the night in a historic pub, sipping your drink and chatting with locals in Covent Garden, or dancing the night away in the trendy Shoreditch district.

The city's rooftops come alive after dark with stunning views and better vibes. Catch a live gig in Camden or enjoy the glamour of a high-end cocktail bar in Mayfair. And if you love a bit of drama, the immersive experiences in London's theatres and themed bars are a must.


Paris's nightlife looks very different to London's nightlife. It has a laid-back elegance that comes from sipping a rich red wine in a Montmartre bistro with the Eiffel Tower shimmering in the distance or walking along the moonlit Seine.

In the Latin Quarter, you'll find vibrant jazz clubs and eclectic bars. The Marais district offers chic cocktail lounges, perfect for a night with friends. And, of course, don't miss iconic cabarets like the Moulin Rouge.

London score: 9.3/10

Paris score: 7.9/10


A cobblestone street in the Montmartre area of Paris. A bright red car is parked next to a pink house and the leaves on the trees and bushes are shades of red and orange.


You'll find no shortage of culture in London. The city's history is rich and diverse. Why not start with the British Museum? You'll find centuries of human history laid out before you, from the Rosetta Stone to the Elgin Marbles. And the building itself is a marvel.

Then there's Buckingham Palace, the regal heart of London, where you can catch the famous Changing of the Guard against a royal backdrop. And you can't visit London without seeing Big Ben. This iconic clock tower overlooking the River Thames stands tall, its chimes echoing through the city's past and present.

London's culture isn't confined to just monuments; it's in the West End theatres, where curtains rise on world-class performances. It's in the eclectic neighbourhoods, from the trendy Shoreditch to the historic charm of Covent Garden. London's culture is varied, rich, and ready to welcome you.


Paris has a poetic charm that can only come from centuries' worth of great artists and architects who've wandered the very same streets, designed some of the most iconic landmarks, and painted or written about the city.

Don't miss a visit to the Louvre, where the Mona Lisa smiles at a treasure trove of artistic wonders. Parisians take their art seriously, and the Musée d'Orsay, housed in a former railway station and featuring Impressionist masterpieces, is a testament to this passion.

Wander through the charming streets of Montmartre, where you can almost feel the bohemian spirit of artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. The Seine becomes a cultural artery as it flows through the city, dotted with iconic landmarks like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower.

London score: 8.8/10

Paris score: 9.3/10


A full English breakfast on a white plate, a toast rack, a small bowl of butter, a cup of tea and orange juice, and cutlery sit on a grey table.


London's food scene is an explosion of both English and global flavours. The best way to start your day is with a traditional English breakfast, complete with sizzling bacon, eggs, and a cup of tea. For a foodie haven, visit Borough Market, where you'll find incredible food from all over the world, from artisanal cheeses to aromatic street food.

The city's gastropubs beckon with the promise of hearty British meals. If you want something a bit different, head to one of the outlying neighbourhoods, each offering its own signature dishes - Chinatown's delectable dim sum, the aromatic curries of Brick Lane, or the trendy eateries of Shoreditch.

London is also home to Michelin-starred restaurants. From the innovative wonders at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester to the contemporary artistry of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, these establishments offer an unforgettable evening.


Paris is often coined the world's gastronomic capital, and for good reason. Enjoying a buttery, flaky croissant perched outside on a small table is almost a rite of passage.

Wander the cobblestone streets and pick up a just-ripe peach or a wedge of Camembert. Let Parisian bistros draw you in with classics like coq au vin and steak frites.

Paris is also a haven for innovation as well as cosy classics. From chic cafés to Michelin-starred wonders, every bite is unique. Fancy trying escargot? Maybe you'd prefer savouring a macaron in a cosy patisserie. In Paris, dining isn't just a necessity; it's an art form, a celebration of flavour and innovation that's meant to be savoured. Just ask Remy from Ratatouille.

London score: 8.7/10

Paris score: 9.2/10


A view over a bridge in Paris, with several black lampposts lining the bridge, an ornate gold statue on a plinth, and a large building in the background.


Whether you want to sightsee, hit a few iconic neighbourhoods, or you're just looking to do some serious shopping, this city has it all.

For a bird's-eye view of London, hop on the London Eye. The panoramic views are second to none, offering a breathtaking perspective of the city's iconic landmarks, from the Thames to St. Paul's Cathedral.

If you're after some retail therapy, you can't do much better than Oxford Street. This famous shopping destination is a bustling paradise with everything from high-end brands to quirky boutiques. For a more alternative scene, Camden is your go-to spot. Navigate through the famous market, filled with unique finds, vintage treasures, and a bohemian atmosphere that's pure London magic.


If you're heading to Paris, you have to see the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The 360° views of the city are nothing short of magical. And for a touch of romance, catch the Tower's glittering light show in the evening.

To live like a Parisian for an afternoon, find a perch on a cobblestone street and order a coffee. Parisian cafés are more than just places to refuel; they're hubs of social life. Spend hours sipping espresso, people-watching, and indulging in delicate pastries.

Don't forget to take a stroll along the Seine and consider a boat cruise. The landmarks, beautifully illuminated, will make you fall in love with the City of Light.

London score: 8.1/10

Paris score: 8.4/10




Prepare to be pampered in the UK's capital city because London's luxury scene is nothing short of world-class. When it comes to accommodation, why not stay at the iconic Savoy or The Ritz? Both five-star hotels are known for their timeless elegance and impeccable service.

If you want to do some high-end shopping, head to Bond Street. It's a luxury fashion haven, featuring names that define glamour and style. Venture into Harrods or through the boutiques of Mayfair, where designer brands beckon with their latest creations.

There's also no shortage of Michelin-starred restaurants to try or acclaimed West End shows to see, so book a pre-theatre meal at places like Arros QD or The Araki before seeing an incredible play or musical.


It's easy to live a life of luxury in sweet Paris. For one, Parisian hotels are a class apart. Wake each day in a suite with a balcony that offers views of the Eiffel Tower or the Seine. Each hotel, whether it's the Ritz or Le Meurice, is a masterpiece where luxury meets historic charm.

Dining in Paris is unlike dining anywhere else. From Michelin-starred spots like Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée to charming bistros serving gourmet French delights, each meal is a wonder that you'll be dreaming of long after you leave Paris.

If you want to take back a high-end souvenir, head to Avenue Montaigne for haute couture or explore Le Marais for chic boutiques. In Paris, luxury isn't just a facet of the experience; it's the essence of the city's soul.

London score: 8.2/10

Paris score: 8.9/10

London vs Paris: The Verdict

The scores are in, and one of these two cities has landed on top. But which one?

London score: 43.1/50

Paris score: 43.7/50


Paris has just inched ahead of London to claim victory! The City of Love and Light beckons with its romantic ambience, exquisite food, and iconic landmarks.

But let's not forget London's undeniable charms - the historic sights, West End theatres, and its own unique cosmopolitan buzz.

Whether you find yourself strolling along the Thames or wandering the cobbled streets of Montmartre, both London and Paris promise an unforgettable adventure.

Book Your Dream Getaway with Help from Slingo

Ultimately, the choice between London and Paris is down to your personal preferences, but we know you'll have an incredible time at either destination.

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Is London more developed than Paris?

Both London and Paris are highly developed global cities, each with a unique charm. London is renowned for its diverse and bustling metropolis, a global financial hub with a rich historical tapestry.

Paris, on the other hand, is celebrated for its timeless elegance, artistic draw, and luxury food. The choice between them depends on the kind of holiday you're after.

What are the most visited tourist attractions in Paris?

Some of the most visited tourist attractions in the French capital include:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre Museum
  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (temporarily closed)
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Paris parks: The Tuileries Garden, the Luxembourg Gardens, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Parc de Belleville, and Parc Montsouris

What are the best outdoor spaces in London?

The list of London's most beautiful parks and outdoor spaces is a long one. The list includes:

  • Hyde Park
  • Regent's Park
  • Richmond Park
  • Kew Gardens
  • Greenwich Park
  • Hampstead Heath
  • St. James's Park
  • Primrose Hill
  • The South Bank
  • Battersea Park

Does London or Paris have a better transport network?

Both London and Paris have extensive and efficient public transport networks, but they have different systems.

London has six international airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City and Southend), whereas Paris has three (Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais).

London's transport network includes the iconic London Underground/London Tube, buses, trams, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), and an extensive network of cycling lanes. The UK capital also has almost twice as many bus routes and more overland train lines as Paris.

However, Paris does have an ever-expanding tram network. The Métro is the backbone of the public transportation system, complemented by an extensive bus network, trams, and the RER (Réseau Express Régional) suburban train system.



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