Luxury Appliance Brands To Upgrade Your Home

Best Luxury Appliance Brands
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What better way to invest any spare money than sprucing up your home with top-quality luxury appliance brands? It's also a surefire way to impress your guests and feel like you're living a life of luxury every single day!

High-end appliance brands offer so much more than a sleek design aesthetic. They're crafted for longevity and top-tier performance. 

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1) Sub Zero, Wolf, And Cove

Sub Zero refrigerators are the epitome of luxury kitchen appliances. These food preservation systems are more than your average fridge and are revered by home and professional chefs. In fact, Sub Zero fridges are a centrepiece in the home of world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

Their sister company, Wolf, complements their refrigeration appliances with a line of impeccable ovens, range tops, and cooktops. And, once your dinner guests are satisfied, Cove offers a range of professional-grade dishwashers to help clean up in no time.


Sub Zero: Known for their classic stainless steel exterior and sleek finishes, these fridges fit into any kitchen. But Sub Zero is far from a one-trick pony. With multiple configurations and alterations, you can also change these fridges up to suit your preferred aesthetic.

Wolf: The Wolf line offers three styles to suit any home chef. They offer contemporary, professional, and a range of ovens and cooktops that are somewhere between. Overall, Wolf stands out for its bold and chic designs.

Cove: Cove dishwashers fit into any kitchen cabinetry and stand out with a sleek stainless steel front. They also use bright interior lighting that adds a touch of elegance. And, if that isn't enough, you can customise them inside and out.

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Sub Zero: Fitted with an air purification system, these fridges remove bacteria and gases to keep food fresh and prevent contamination among stored ingredients. The filtration system also circulates air more efficiently than standard refrigerators. Plus, it works independently in the fridge and freezer compartments.

Another feature that sets this luxury brand apart is its top-notch temperature control. Standard fridges can fluctuate by more than ten degrees. But Sub Zero stays within one degree of the temperature it's set to. You can also set your fridge to a specific temperature to ensure all your food is perfectly preserved.

Wolf: These appliances are available in gas, induction, and combination convection ranges. Their ovens include Dual Veriflow technology for even heating and have a self-cleaning function, so you don't have to do any dirty work.

Their Wifi-capabilities only enhance their superior performance. These capabilities allow you to select various cooking modes, preheat your oven, and adjust the temperature from the integrated phone app.

Cove: The mark of any good luxury appliance is its functionality. As one of the best dishwashers on the market, Cove has several handy functions that set it apart from its competitors. These dishwashers have a built-in water softener that adjusts the salt levels of the water. This means your dishes will come out clean and streak-free with no buildup.

Depending on how dirty your cookware is, they also have custom modes to choose from, leaving no room for residual dirt or grime. Adjustable racks make fitting your dishes into the machine easy, so you won't have to do multiple loads. The Wifi-capabilities also allow you to track each wash cycle or begin the washing process by pressing a button.

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2) Thermador

Thermador's extensive line of smart appliances has changed the face of luxury appliance brands. With speciality appliances for cooking, food preservation, and dish care, you can fit your bespoke kitchen with some of the best smart technology on the market.

This brand offers two main collections. These include Masterpiece and Professional collections. They are true testaments to what high-end appliances should be.


When it comes to design choice, Thermador comes out on top. The Professional Collection consists of robust, industrial-style appliances. But they are still sleek enough to complement any kitchen aesthetic.

On the other hand, the Masterpiece Collection may be a better choice if you're looking for something stylish and polished. It embodies modern design without compromising classic kitchen elegance.

Fridges: Thermador refrigerators are available in multiple configurations and styles. These styles include under-counter or freestanding freezers and fridges, and bottom freezer drawers. With stunning theatre-style lighting and full stainless steel interiors, these fridges look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

Ovens and cooktops: Known for their wall ovens and cooktops, Thermador sets the bar for optimal cooking appliances. Their gas cooktops are fitted with the classic star burner design for better flame distribution. And their ovens blend with any kitchen design - no matter which style you choose.

Dishwashers: Available in stainless steel or in a custom panel to integrate into your cabinetry, what's not to love about Thermador dishwashers? These dish care systems have interior lights and shine a light or timer onto the floor to let you know when your appliance is running.

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The best luxury appliance brands are nothing without impeccable features. While the design may give an heir of grandeur on its own, premium appliances need to give you more bang for your buck.

Luckily, Thermador delivers when it comes to design and functionality. In fact, most of their products are fitted with Wi-Fi capabilities that connect into one consolidated app. That means you can control your entire kitchen from the comfort of your couch!

Fridges: No matter how big your fridge is, it seems like you're always running out of space. But with Thermador fridges, there's no need to stack your ingredients according to your fridge space. Instead, you can use the adjustable shelves and drawers to suit your needs. These fridges also have perfect humidity control and cooling features for longer-lasting freshness.

Ovens and cooktops: A Thermador oven is a pure convection system with a speed oven feature that pre-heats your appliance in under ten minutes. They also have sixteen cooking modes and a self-cleaning function for stress-free cooking. The induction cooktops also have seventeen power levels with Quick Heat Boost.

Dishwashers: Thermador dishwashers are designed with convenience in mind. With an extra rack for bulky items and Zeolite drying technology, after-dinner cleanup has never been easier. It's also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can start your dishwasher while still enjoying the company of your guests.

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3) Gaggenau

Gaggenau appliances have been at the forefront of luxury brands for years, with many of their systems making proprietary headway in the world of home appliances. With exceptional craftsmanship and even better performance, fitting these luxury appliances into your kitchen would make any professional chef green with jealousy.


Demure design isn't in Gaggenau's vocabulary. While their styles don't boast, their premium quality appliances speak for themselves. With influences from professional chefs, Gaggenau brings the versatility and style that any luxury kitchen deserves.

Fridges: Like most of Gaggenau's kitchen appliances, their fridges are an exceptional feature in any kitchen. With stainless steel, interior lighting, and the ability to opt for a handleless push-to-open variant, these fridges radiate splendour.

Ovens and cooktops: Gaggenau appliances are available in two ranges. They include the 400 and 200 Series. The 400 Series has robust, sharp design features with glass accents. The 400 is also an induction cooktop, while the 200 boasts modular gas plates. The 200 Series oven is simple and sleek, making it ideal for any home chef.

Dishwashers: When you think of luxury appliances, you may not think of dishwashers. But when it comes to Gaggenau, they wrote the script on taking the mundane and making it magnificent. These dishwashers have bright interior lighting and projections to display the remaining time. So, you can sit back and relax while your appliances do all the work.

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Gaggenau focuses on making professional high-end appliances accessible to the home chef. With incredible features and excellent craftsmanship, you'll get luxury kitchen appliances with the abilities world-renowned chefs covet.

Fridges: Keeping your produce fresh has never been easier. Gaggenau fridges have temperature displays and fast cooling. This helps to ensure your ingredients are ripe and ready to prep. They also connect to the Home Connect App. So you can change the temperature whenever and wherever you'd like.

Ovens and cooktops: With touch displays and handleless openings, you're sure to wow your dinner guests when you fire up your Gaggenau oven. Like their cooktops, this luxury brand is known for its ultra-fast heating and precise cooking. So you can create a work of art every time you step into your kitchen.

Dishwashers: Gaggenau dishwashers are powerful enough to keep your dishes pristine. But they're also gentle enough to increase the longevity of your cookware. These dishwashers use Zeolite technology for more efficient drying, so your dishes come out ready to use.

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What is the best brand for high-end ranges?

Some of the best high-end appliance brands for top-of-the-line ranges include Thermador, Wolf, and Gaggenau. But other brands worth mentioning include Signature Kitchen Suite, Miele, and Monogram.

The best range will depend on what you need to improve your kitchen fitting. So, it may be worthwhile to shop around before making your final decision.

Is Wolf considered high-end?

Sub Zero, Wolf, and Cove are sister brands offering some of the best products on the market regarding aesthetics and functionality. They are considered luxury appliance brands endorsed by some of the world's most well-known culinary names.

Do high-end appliances last longer?

High-end appliances come with hefty price tags - but for a good reason. Some of these brands have decades of experience and expertise in their field. They are also made with incomparable craftsmanship. You can think of these brands as investments because of their lifespan and performance.

Is Bosch a high-end brand?

The brand Bosch positions itself as a mid-end brand. However, Bosch products consistently rank alongside all the leading high-end home appliance brands like those mentioned above. So if you’re looking for a top-performing product for a fraction of the price, Bosch might be the brand for you.

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