23 Best Luxury Hotels in Manchester

Luxury Hotels Manchester
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With thriving nightlife and some of the best luxury hotels in England, Manchester beckons anyone who is after an unforgettable experience. And with so much to see and do in the city and the surrounding area, these hotels will provide you with the perfect base for your stay. 

To find luxury hotels, Manchester city centre is the place to look, but even on the fringes of the city, there is luxury to be found.

The Best Luxury Hotels, Manchester

1. The Lowry Hotel, City Centre

This 5-star hotel in the heart of Manchester offers modern, sleek rooms with deluxe furnishings and top-quality decor. With a spa, a fitness centre, and a restaurant on the premises, this Lowry Hotel is the epitome of luxury.

As one of the premier luxury hotels in Manchester, the Lowry Hotel is one that you don’t want to miss out on. Within walking distance of the Royal Exchange Theatre, this is the perfect home base for anyone who wants to enjoy the rich cultural scene in the city.

Just a minute's walk away from some of Manchester's most popular locations, the award-winning Lowry dominates the boutique hotel industry. The Lowry Hotel is just across the river from the Manchester Arndale shopping centre and is within walking distance of some of Manchester's most high-end retail stores.

2. The Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester, City Centre

Part of one of the world's premier hotel chains, the Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester is one of the best luxury hotels in Manchester, lauded as the leading hotel of the year in 2019. The old Free Trade Hall building is one of the many Grade II listed buildings in Manchester.

Since their recent multi-million-pound renovation, The Radisson Blu Edwardian is now a lifestyle destination with an unimaginable standard of service. 

Featuring spacious rooms and suites with contemporary bathrooms and sweeping views of the city skyline, this hotel is one of the best around.

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3. Hotel Indigo Manchester, City Centre

Hotel Indigo Manchester is located in the Manchester city centre and celebrates what made Manchester the powerhouse it is today. Proudly recognising the pivotal role Manchester played in the industrial revolution, Hotel Indigo Manchester honours the Victorian buildings with its stylishly simple decor.

One of the many perks at the Hotel Indigo Manchester is the fitness centre in the building, along with the laundry services, super fast WiFi and spa-inspired ensuite bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows brighten the inside of the hotel, making the communal space warm and inviting.

Easy access to and from the Manchester Arena make this one of the best spots for anyone who wants to see any of the world-class acts that grace the arena stage, as well as being less than a minute's walk away from the Manchester Victoria Station.

4. Kimpton Clocktower Hotel

The interior is described as "industrial glamour", and the designers of the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel took this brief seriously. Located in Manchester's city centre, the Kimpton Clocktower's iconic, eclectic baroque style stands out on the urban street, setting it apart from the street.

Luxury hotels in Manchester city centre are fairly common, but the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel has long been referred to as one of the most expensive and lavish buildings in the region.

The hotel also provides easy access to public transport, only a short walk away from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station, so you won't be limited to your immediate surroundings for adventure and excitement. Beyond easy access to public transport, the hotel also offers free private parking for patrons.

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5. Dakota Manchester

A luxury boutique hotel in the Manchester city centre, the effortlessly cool Dakota Manchester is one of the most popular choices for travellers from across the world.

For someone looking to experience all that Manchester has to offer, the hotel is close to the Etihad Stadium, Old Trafford Stadium and the Manchester Convention Centre.

The only problem is that you probably won’t want to leave the room! With their deluxe beds and cotton linen to their rainfall showers and flat-screen TVs, there's plenty of entertainment to choose from right in the hotel.

6. Clayton Hotel Manchester City Centre

Among the many reasons to visit Manchester, the newly opened Clayton Hotel is near the top of the list. Simplicity and luxury are the two words that come to mind when staying in one of Clayton's modern rooms.

As one of the premier luxury hotels in Manchester city centre, this central hotel is within walking distance of the Manchester Art Gallery and the Manchester Central Library, as well as the Manchester Victoria Station.

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7. The Midland Hotel

Luxury hotels in Manchester city centre seem like they're around every corner, but few have the history and opulence of the Midland Hotel. Interior decor in rich, deep colours with golden accents gives the hotel its distinct feeling of luxuriousness.

Modern rooms throughout the hotel ensure that the historic building doesn't make your stay outdated. By seamlessly blending modern and vintage, the Midland Hotel offers exclusivity unlike anywhere else.

The hotel is a short distance from Oxford Road train station, among many other public transport stations.

8. CitySuites Aparthotel

No matter how long you're planning your stay, the CitySuites Aparthotel will be an excellent option for you. Whether staying one night or one year, this 5-star facility is fully equipped to make you as comfortable as possible. The hotel features family rooms, something that will make a longer stay feel like moving into a temporary home.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill apartment space: this is a luxury hotel with all the offerings that come with it. Not far from the Manchester Victoria Station, there are a number of options for getting around the city easily.

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9. Hotel Gotham

Have you ever wanted to live like Batman, even if only for the night?

The Hotel Gotham is one of Manchester's most unique locations, offering opulence as only a billionaire superhero could expect. The hotel is textured with Art Deco-inspired furnishings and theatrical staff, all making the experience of Hotel Gotham one that is unlikely to be matched anywhere in the world.

Laundry bags in the rooms designed to look like money bags from the 1920s are just the beginning of the hotel's whimsical way it whisks guests back to the roaring 20s. 

Set in an old bank, the Hotel Gotham has everything imaginable to make this the perfect time capsule of the olden days, preserving the wood and metal that made the bank one of the grandest in its day.

10. Hotel Brooklyn Manchester

Are you in Manchester city centre, but wishing you were in New York City? The Hotel Brooklyn Manchester has got you covered. 

At the Hotel Brooklyn, you'll be transported to New York with modern rooms and sleek decor. Rooms with a terrace allow visitors to look out over the city centre from one of the most popular hotels in Manchester.

Hotel Brooklyn provides a space for everyone and a dining experience straight out of New York City.

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11. Hyatt Regency Manchester

The height of modernity in the city, the Hyatt Regency Manchester has king-size beds in every room, with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing visitors to take in the awe-inspiring view of the city centre from the innovation district.

Away from the very heart of the city centre but in a different district, the central location of this hotel makes it a must-visit for those wanting to see Manchester without being caught up in the excitement of the city.

12. King Street Townhouse

The King Street Townhouse Hotel has stood in Manchester city for over 140 years. The rooftop infinity spa pool provides one of the best views of the area in one of the most idyllic settings imaginable. The central location makes the King Street Townhouse one of Manchester's best-known hotels on one of the most iconic streets in the city.

An award-winning spa welcomes guests of the hotel to enjoy one of their indulgent treatments, making any stay at the luxury hotel of the King Street Townhouse one to remember.

King Street Townhouse has certainly earned its reputation for being one of Manchester's most well-loved hotels.

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13. Stock Exchange Hotel

In Manchester's great Stock Exchange Hotel in the heart of the city, visitors will be treated to elegance and grandeur. 

The building that has stood for 100 years once acted as the base for the Manchester Stock Exchange but was transformed into a hotel when the stock exchange closed in 2000.

Now a luxury hotel in the city, the Stock Exchange Hotel's iconic facade is one of the many reasons guests flock to this ornate building to be treated like royalty inside.

14. Hilton Manchester Deansgate

In the popular Deansgate area of Manchester, the Hilton Manchester Deansgate looks out over the city centre from its 23 floors of opulence. 

This luxury hotel forms part of one of the most famous hotel chains in the world, one that is synonymous with luxury and style. The Hilton hotels have a reputation for providing guests with an experience that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

Visit the highest bar in the city, Cloud 23, or enjoy a relaxing day in the sauna and steam room.

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15. Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel

Old columns and exposed brick make the interior of the Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel feel like you've been whisked back to the peak of the industrial era in Manchester. A short walk from the Opera House Manchester, guests are treated to some of the best cultural locations in the city.

The Riverside Restaurant based in the hotel is one of Manchester's best-loved restaurants, with serene views over the River Irwell.

16. Didsbury House Hotel, Didsbury

This Victorian villa is a time machine back to the peak of Manchester's industrial era. Calming colours help to ease the tension and stress of everyday worries and transport you to the cosy countryside.

While every effort has been made to ensure a comfortable stay with the best beds and linen, the house also celebrates its origins as a Victorian villa, with the walled terrace and comfy lounge overlooking the gardens. Spending an afternoon pretending you're Keira Knightley in a Jane Austen adaptation doesn't seem like too far of a stretch at Didsbury House.

Free private parking is another of the many added benefits of Didsbury House, lying slightly away from the heart of the city in a quieter part of south Manchester.

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17. Hotel Football, Old Trafford

One of the most popular football clubs in the world, Manchester United is one of the main attractions of Manchester for people from all over the world. Hotel Football at Old Trafford invites football fans to experience the life of some of their favourite athletes in the setting of a luxury hotel.

For fans of the beautiful game, experiences include packages from Hotel Football for days when there are matches being held at Old Trafford. Guests get the opportunity to watch the game and a number of exclusives that come with the Matchday Package.

A three-course-dining experience, Q&A with a former Manchester United player, drinks throughout the match and tickets to the game are all part of the luxuries offered by the Hotel Football.

18. Oddfellows on The Park

A boutique hotel in Greater Manchester, the luxury hotel Oddfellows on the Park is a quaint, charming location with the backdrop of the country surrounding the old face-brick building.

Away from the city and many of the other luxury hotels in manchester, the hotel rooms look over the leafy Bruntwood Park. Offering a pristine venue for weddings, high tea, or a simple stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this luxury hotel looks straight out of a movie.

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19. Abode Manchester

Brightly coloured rooms fill the old building that was once a textile factory. Abode Manchester is at the peak of modernising the space it occupies without erasing its history. Individually designed rooms and loft suites welcome single guests or groups, with a unique experience offered for every visitor.

The red brick facade is a welcome sight for anyone looking for a night's stay in a historic building that has been transformed to the height of modernity. A short walk away from Piccadilly Train Station, this hotel is in the prime position for anyone looking to base their adventures around England from the centre of Manchester.

20. Cow Hollow Hotel, Northern Quarter

The thriving Northern Quarter is one of Manchester's most attractive spots. The Cow Hollow Hotel invites visitors, away from England's typical weather, to be transported into other-worldly luxury. Surrounded by palm trees and other greenery in gold and black geometric decorations, Cow Hollow is not to be missed for its modern stylings.

The cocktail lounge is the perfect place to spend your evening and unwind after a day out, exploring the trendy area of the Northern Quarter and finding yourself swept up in city life.

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21. The Ainscow Hotel

Initially a brewery in the heart of Manchester, the Ainscow Hotel is accented by gold, and the history of the building dates back to the late 1800s. While the Ainscow Hotel has developed into the modern hotel it is today, the signs of the past have been incorporated into the elegance of the building.

Timbered ceilings, exposed brickwork and steel beams accentuate the rooms and communal areas, reminding guests that their luxury stay is steeped in history.

22. Saddleworth Hotel

A popular wedding venue, the Saddleworth has some of the most picturesque accommodation in the city. Suites fitting for royalty make any guest, whether they are a bride or an overnight patron, the Saddleworth is dedicated to providing everyone with the same quality of attentive care to give them the best stay imaginable.

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23. The White Hart

One of the oldest establishments on our list, the White Hart was built in 1788; the venue itself has played a number of different roles in the countryside's history. 

Once the local police station, where prisoners were shackled on the top floor, this building later became a shelter during the Second World War, and since, the White Hart has been nearly everything in between.

This old building is anything but old inside. Original decor and furnishings have been incorporated into the modern spaces, where the history is celebrated without feeling stuffy for guests.

This is one of Manchester's hidden gems in luxury hotels; set apart from the city, it is the quintessential spot for travellers looking for a getaway in the country.

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Where do celebrities stay in Manchester?

Popular spots among celebrities and athletes include the Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel, Didsbury House, The Midland, and DoubleTree by Hilton Manchester Piccadilly.

How many luxury hotels are there in Manchester?

Manchester has approximately 66 luxury hotels scattered around the city.

When was the Lowry Hotel built?

The Lowry Hotel was built in 2001 when the glass-fronted building became an icon of the Manchester skyline.

What hotel do Manchester United football players use?

Hotel Football is the accommodation used by players of Manchester United and often by players of clubs playing at Old Trafford.

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